60 Best Crock Pot Recipes

Crock Pot Recipes


I just got this bad boy and I’m on a crock pot cooking kick! I put together an awesome list of recipes to try and thought you’d love to see them too.

Be sure to scroll down to see all 60 pictures and crock pot recipes! 


60 Best Crock Pot Recipes Slow Cooker


1. Crock Pot Baja Chicken Tacos

2. Crock Pot Chicken Cacciatore

3. Crock Pot Upside-Down Pineapple Cake

4. Crock Pot Mac & Cheese

5. Unbelievable Crock Pot Pecan Pie

6. Easy Crock Pot Orange Chicken

7. Overnight Crock Pot French Toast

8. Bacon and Cheese Crock Pot Potatoes

9. Crock Pot Beef Stew

10.  Beef Burritos

11. Crock Pot Breakfast Scramble

12. Crock Pot Cashew Chicken

13. Crock Pot Chicken Salsa

14. Creamy Black Bean Salsa Chicken

15. Slow Cooker White Bread Recipe

16. Garlic Honey Chicken

17. Easy Crock Pot Potato Soup

18. Honey Sauced Chicken

19. Paleo Crock Pot Chicken

20. Cheesy Hash Brown Casserole


60 Best Crock Pot Recipes Slow Cooker


21. Southwest Chicken

22. Crock Pot Waikiki Meatballs

23. Lemon Poppy Seed Bread

24. Easy Crock Pot Ribs

25. Creamy Crockpot Chicken and Tomato Soup

26. Slow Cooker Steak Fajitas

27. Italian Turkey Meatballs

28. Cheery Cherry Dessert

29. Crock Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup

30. Slow Cooker Breakfast Casserole

31. Crock Pot Tortilla Soup

32. Turkey Tetrazzini

33. Easy Fudge Brownies

34. Pasta E Fagioli Crock Pot Soup (Olive Garden)

35. Buffalo Chicken Lasagna

36. BBQ Chicken

37. Slow Cooker Swiss Chicken

38. All American Apple Dumplings

39. Slow Cooker Beef and Cheddar Mac

40. French Onion Soup


60 Best Crock Pot Recipes Slow Cooker


41. Ranch Pork Chops

42. Dulce de Leche

43. Dr Pepper Pulled Pork

44. Chicken Taco Chili

45. Tomato Basil Parmesan Soup

46. Slow Cooker Bourbon Chicken

47. Apple Coffee Cake

48. Slow Cooker Corned Beef and Cabbage

49. Chicken Fajitas

50. Mom’s Hearty Beef Stew

51. 5 Ingredient Crock Pot Chicken Teriyaki

52. Coconut Curry Baked Beans

53. Mud Pie

54. Crock Pot Cooked Apples/Applesauce

55. Chicken Parmesan

56. Lime Chicken Tacos

57. Chicken Alfredo

58. Blueberry Cobbler

59. Pulled Pork Sandwiches

60. Cherry Cobbler


60 Best Crock Pot Recipes Slow Cooker



  1. Janet W. says:

    Thanks for listing all the different options!! I’ll have to try the Crock Pot Beef Stew soon!

  2. Thanks for all of these great recipes!  I can’t wait to try the lime chicken tacos.

  3. Thanks so much for featuring my Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork Sandwich!! So fun!

    • You’re welcome! I can’t wait to make them for my husband. He will LOVE them, I know! :)

  4. Thanks so much for including my crock pot blueberry cobbler in your round-up! What a great collection of slow cooker ideas :)

  5. Thanks for including my Chicken Alfredo in your list! ; )

  6. marissa lee says:

    i need to see if i can make any of these dishes…

  7. Julie Wood says:

    I am a person that cooks in the Crockpot all the time! I like the Pulled Pork recipe, and the Mup Pie and Chicken Fajitas is awesome to make. This is a good time to cook in a slow cooker in the summer because it does not heat up the house!

  8. can’t wait to try some of these. The crockpot is wonderful for summer to keep from heating the house up.

  9. Dana Rodriguez says:

    Oh boy I am so glad you posted this!!!We love using the crockpot and I have been wanting some new tasty recipes!

  10. Leilani Caoagdan says:

    I love to cook in my crockpot! Thank you for the great recipes! There are so many to choose from and now I have to see which one or ones I want to try first. Thank you!

  11. I am crazy about my crock pot, I use it several times a week! I will be bookmarking this page and trying out some of these recipes because I;m sure my family is getting sick of the same ones over and over.

  12. Serena Adkins says:

    Thank you for sharing these awesome crock pot recipes.  My family and I tend to eat the same thing every week due to the fact that both parents work full-time jobs and by the time baby is picked up from preschool we are all exhausted.  These crock pot recipes give me a better idea of ways to incorporate new meals.  The food will be done by the time we get home and not spending an hour trying to cook after we finally make it home from work.  

  13. Love all these crock pot recipes. Thanks for sharing my post for Buffalo Chicken Lasagna (#35). Hope everyone loves it and I cannot wait to try all of the other recipes you shared! 

    Check out more of my recipe posts here :

  14. Crock pot food is awesome because it takes minimal management to cook! :) Thanks for sharing all these recipes. Looks delicious!

  15. Sherri Lewis says:

    I will definitely put these to good use….. we keep the crockpot busy year-round!

  16. I’m in crockpot heaven…i am bookmarking this page and will go through these recipes. I just used my crockpot today (chili) and I’m always looking for new crockpot recipes to try. thanks.

  17. Really, I didn’t think anything could beat mac & cheese, but cheesy hashbrowns in a crock pot?! YES PLEASE!

  18. I can’t wait to try some of your recipes!  I just got my first crock pot (and I’m a senior) and am exploring the world of slow cooked food.  Thanks!

  19. judy gardner says:

    all of these sound good, but i really want to try the cherry, cherry dessert.  i have never made a dessert in the crockpot before.

  20. We are always on the look out for new crockpot recipes, especially at this time of year. The holidays are so busy — without our slow cooker, we’d have to eat sandwiches or fast food at least 3 night a week!

  21. I love cooking with my crockpot and you have given me some great new ideas to try. I pinned this on pinterest.

  22. Love love love my crockpot! Definitely book marking this page! :)

  23. Sharon Lydon Powers says:

    SOOOO many great recipes !! Thank you !

  24. some of those chili recipes are on my to do list! pinning!

  25. Thanks totally pinning it I love crock pot recipes!

  26. Robin Wilson says:

    I love to use my crock pot year round. In the winter for comfort foods and in the summer because it is just too darn hot here most of the time. But I still enjoy a good soup during the summer and I’m bound to find one here!

  27. Joni Mason says:

    I love cooking meals with my crock pot! These are some great recipes and I pinned this to my Pinterest crock pot/slow cooker board. Thanks so much for sharing!

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