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You’ve seen those studies about baby names, right? Where studies have shown that names can actually affect a person’s life? People make assumptions based on names, and right or not, they can rely on those assumptions to decide whether or not to like a person or even whether to hire a person.

So even if you love a baby name, it’s sometimes interesting to see what other people think before committing to it.  :)

My husband and I had a really hard time deciding on a name for our second daughter. I didn’t like anything he liked and my favorite choices all reminded him of people he didn’t like. We finally came up with a list of three names that we thought we could live with, and considered them for a couple of months to see if they grew on us.

And during that time, I wanted to know what other people thought of the name. As it turns out, almost everyone really, really, really disliked one of the names. I heard that the name sounded like a medicine, that the name was too old-fashioned, that it was “nerdy”, and a lot more.  I was surprised that people had such a strong reaction to it, but was thrilled to find out before I had my heart set on it. And as it turned out, our other two choices were equally popular, so we ended up feeling like we had a couple of great names to choose from.

Back when we were deciding, I had to look up the name online, and had to email people and ask people in person what they thought. I know that a lot of people didn’t want to insult us, so they might have been a little less than honest with us too.  It would have been great to have a way to gauge people’s reactions to a baby name without all of that work.

Baby Names Popular Ideas


And now there’s a great way to do just that! With Belly Ballot, I can pick my favorite five baby names and invite my friends and family to vote on their favorites. It’s a fun way to see what people think of my baby name possibilities without putting them on the spot.

In addition to the Belly Ballot feature, there are also lots of great lists to review for name ideas, like the “Gentle Names” and “Top 1940s”.  It’s such a fun site and a great place to start (and end!) your search for the perfect baby name.


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  1. Amy Pierce Torrez says:

    That is so adorable.  I love retro names from the 40’s and 50’s…so cool, and definitely coming back.  

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