Back to School Shopping #FirstDayLook

One of my favorite childhood memories is getting ready for school each year. My mother would take us out shopping for lots of great new clothes and shoes. We weren’t allowed to wear them until school actually started, so I would arrange them by outfits, hang them and re-hang them in anticipation of being able to wear them.

Now that I’m the mom doing the school shopping, I want my kids to love it as much as I do. The excitement, the fun outfits and the expression of personality that comes from choosing their own outfits.

My older daughter and I headed out last weekend for a little school shopping at JCPenney and she was just as excited as I’d hoped!


School Shopping


I had planned to spend about $200 and estimated that we could probably get a couple of outfits and a pair of shoes. 

We walked into JCPenney and immediately saw adorable clothes and Back-to-School sale signs. We were ready to shop!


School Shopping


I picked out some things that I liked and let my daughter pick out lots of things she wanted. Then we headed into the dressing room to check it all out.

From the shirts to the boots to the jacket, we loved everything! I had been a little worried that we wouldn’t find clothes that she would go crazy over, but after she started to try everything on, I knew that wasn’t a problem.

Look at these adorable outfits:

School Shopping

So, so cute! There were plenty of sizes in everything, so we didn’t have to worry about not finding matches or items in her size. There were lots of mix and match clothes like cute little t-shirts, skirts and shorts that could be interchanged to make more outfits. 

We also found dressier items, including dresses, blouses and jackets and were able to pick out lots of awesome looks that will be cute for school, dances and parties.


School Shopping
As my daughter tried on the clothes, I started adding up prices. Everything was going into the “keep” pile, so I kept checked prices to try to stay under $200.

We headed to the counter to pay for everything. As the sales associate started ringing everything up, I realized that almost everything was marked down even more than I’d thought. Instead of $200, the clothes added up to only $150. 

So we headed out and grabbed more.  :)

This is what we ended up buying for only $200:


School Shopping


That’s a dress, 3 skirts, a pair of jeans, 2 pairs of shorts, 2 blouses, 4 shirts, a sweater, a jacket AND a pair of boots! 

There are so many outfits in that group! She can mix and match the different shirts and blouses with the jeans, skirts and shorts to create so many outfits. It’s like an entire new wardrobe for going back to school. 

We are thrilled! I’m heading back next weekend with my younger daughter to take advantage of the great deals for her too. JCPenney is a great one stop shop for all of our awesome first day looks!


JCP #FirstDayLook

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  1. Lots of cute clothes at affordable prices! My kids enjoy getting new clothes for school too.

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