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If you’re a regular reader of A Helicopter Mom, you’ve heard me mention our back yard before.  It’s the reason we chose the lot we now live on. The front yard is tiny and too close to the street, but the back yard is wonderful. It’s shady and beautiful and backs up to a protected forest with lots of hiking trails and even a pond with a small beach.

When we started building our house, we had a lot of plans for the back yard.  There’s a fairly steep slope down to a flat area that leads to the forest.  We planned on staggered levels of landscaping down the hill with pretty stone steps. At the bottom we were planning a patio area with lots of seating and maybe a fire a stone fire pit.

Three years later and we have a grass hill with no steps, no landscaping and no patio.  You can see here the slope down from our house.  Perfect for deer, but not really great for people to walk down and enjoy.


Backyard Makeover


If you’re like me and are dreaming of a backyard makeover, you should check out Houselogic’s awesome Boost Your Roost backyard makeover videos.  See the backyard transformation of Boost Your Roost winners Allison and Aaron Smith as they were able to turn their yard into a beautiful, more accessible area for the entire family.  

With each video you watch of the Smith’s backyard transformation, you’ll get to see lots of great tips on lawn and garden care, home improvement and even quick repairs. And while you’re there watching videos and learning how to spruce up your own lawn and home, you’ll also be able to enter to win $1,000! Just watch a video and then answer quiz  questions to earn entries!

So be sure to head over to and check out the videos to win $1,000 and boost your own roost! You can also see lots of other tips and advice for your home at


Backyard Makeover


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  1. I”m so jealous that you have deer in your backyard!!! :)

  2. You would die at the size of our lot. We did no a complete makeover and it turned out great. We are always working on our house though so I’ll be sure to check out those videos you mentioned. I’m sure they’d be helpful!

  3. I’ve been following this makeover competition since the beginning – it is SO cool!

  4. I used to have a back yard like yours… but we traded it in because Wayne hates yardwork…

  5. I love the deer. Where we live, I often have deer everywhere and it is one of my favorite things about where I live.


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