Barbie’s Body vs. a Model’s Body

Did you see this?  We all know that Barbie’s appearance sets a ridiculously impossible standard for the little girls playing with her, but I thought it was interesting to see in real life.  The picture below from Shine (originally in O Magazine) shows the plastic surgery a real-life model would need to get to look like Barbie.



I’m going to show this to my little girls in the morning so we can laugh at Barbie’s ridiculous body and then talk about what’s really important in life…like being kind, doing your best and being thankful for what you have in life.





  1. Thanks for sharing this. It is ridiculous!

  2. I’m not trying to be a jerk by any means, but the model from the article looks like a plus sized model. It’s very apparent that her proportions are far off from Barbie’s. I think it would have made for a more interesting comparison if a thin model were used, seeing as how her proportions would still be WAY off from Barbie.

    • I don’t really think she looks like a model either, so the title was misleading. I think it’s more interesting to see the comparison between a healthy woman and Barbie, instead of a Model and Barbie.

  3. How funny! I wrote about this last night, too, and had it automatically post this morning. It is CRAZY when you look at the “ideal” according to the model’s body.

  4. betty baez says:

    i really love this!….its a shame that any girl or woman feels she has to fit into a mold we need to embrace our features and our body…we’re all different for a reson.

  5. I saw this and I was stunned! What a great picture. For years we have heard things about how if someone really had a Barbie body they would be abnormally shaped, die, etc. but you can never picture it, until now!

  6. Wow, that is crazy!

  7. Well to those who say a model(a more european runway model) should have been used, it would not have been as meaningful of a comparison if the “model” had been used. The point was to compare a true, healthy woman’s body to the ridiculous ideals of barbie. That’s what I drew from the article anyway.

  8. People have a misconception of what a plus sized model is. She’s probably no larger than a size 8 or 10, which is a very healthy size for most women.

  9. You don’t have to be a size zero to be a model. There are some healthy looking models out there (a lot of agencies are actually banning the sickly, gauntly looking ones). A plus size model is a size 12 and up and she looks far from being that! ~lol~ Interesting post, though. Just a little put off by some of the comments. 😉

  10. she is still a model even if she is curvier. and this is a wonderful picture. she is beautiful even without the ‘perfect’ body!

  11. Just a couple of things: any model above a size 6 is considered plus – size in the industry. Also, while I understand the gravity of the visual comparison, I wonder about the appropriateness of pushing this onto young girls. While teaching them to feel ashamed of their bodies is obviously wrong, I’m not sure that putting them on the defensive from the whole world is useful either. Just a different perspective…

  12. Oh my stars! You naysayers will find fault in the silliest stuff. This is a “normal” looking gal as an example and it makes the point just find. We’re not all size 0 out here in reality land.

  13. What really sucks is when you actually look barbie-ish and people just accuse you of having an eating disorder :( It happened most recently at the dentist office a few weeks ago and ever since I’ve been trying to gain weight without the slightest bit of success. Not all skinny people want to be that way either you know.

  14. Personally, I don’t understand why people put such a big emphasis on Barbie’s proportions. Yes- it’s outlandish and from from out most women look. Yes- I think Barbie’s should be given more “normal” proportions. But I really don’t see the big deal. Like many girls, I had a collection of Barbie dolls when I was a little. They never influenced my body image. I’m nineteen now and am a healthy weight. Never did I want to look like a Barbie doll. Do I still want to lose a few pounds in a couple areas? Sure. I have for years, but I never blamed Barbie for setting high standards. I blame the media. So when people get all up in arms about the way Barbie dolls, the Disney Princesses, etc, all look, it just bugs me. As long as your child- boy or girl- is brought up to be comfortable with how then look, then it doesn’t matter what the body shape of their toys are. Simple as that.

  15. I LOVE THIS. I always knew that Barbie’s body was unrealistic, but this really shows just how far fetched that figure is!

  16. Chevon j,,,,,,you do realize that the modeling industy is even getting in trouble for having the models be to thin on the runway and there is soon to be a mandate that the models are at least a size 2 in normal not runway sizes due to the increase in eating disorder deaths among younger girls in the US… what you are saying if you think the model is overweight you have your own self-concious issues……grow up

  17. Why don’t you just accept the photo for what it is; art.

  18. Okay people, the definition of model is 1. somebody paid to wear clothes: somebody who is paid to wear clothes or demonstrate merchandise, e.g. in fashion shows or in photographs. or 2. artist’s subject: somebody who poses for a painter, sculptor, photographer, or other artist. It doesn’t mean STICK THIN abnormally tall girl. This MODEL clearly falls under “Artist’s subject”

  19. The model’s either a size 4 or 6. That’s smaller than more than 60% of women for sure, but I believe the statistic is higher than that now. She looks plus size compared to barbie because she isn’t 7 feet tall, the height Barbie would have to be in order to have ribs that wouldn’t crush her organs. This woman is thin. Very thin. Barbie is just that far off.

  20. So sad, no wonder why people suffer from certain eating disorders

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  21. Wow.  I didn’t realize there was that much of a difference.  I thought they remodeled them awhile ago to be more realistic.

  22. Sara Sweatman says:

    This is why women need to be strong role models for their little girls. Focus on being healthy – not losing weight.  Little girls hear everything.  If you are constantly trying to loose weight, they will aspire to do the same.  Instead I try to say I am going to eat well and exercise so that I feel better.

  23. This is awesome.
    Get it girl!

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