BBC Earth’s ‘One Life” Documentary Showing Now


BBC One Life Documentary


When I was in college, a friend of mine had a t-shirt that read:

“Humans aren’t the only species on Earth. We just act like it.”

I’ve never forgotten that quote because, although I don’t think we all act exactly like that, I do understand the sentiment. It’s so important for us to care for, learn from, respect and protect all species. In the new BBC documentary, One Life, we can see many of these species up close, like we’ve never seen them before.


One Life opened on February 21 in over 450 theaters across the United States. It took over four years, with over 3,000 days of filming across every continent to create this amazing film. One Life is narrated by Daniel Craig, in his debut as a documentary feature narrator.


BBC One Life Documentary


This amazing film contains 15 “filming firsts” including aerial shots, underwater shows and topside shots never seen before. Sequences like a humpback whale mating contest, three cheetahs hunting co-operatively instead of independently, and a new “yogi cam” tracking of elephants are all shown for the first time ever in One Life.


BBC One Life Documentary


BBC One Life Documentary


BBC One Life Documentary


BBC One Life Documentary


For more information and to find One Life in theater near you, visit the One Life page online.


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of BBC Worldwide.





  1. We share this extraordinary planet (and it is extraordinary) with some amazing species, but we seem hellbent on destroying them. I hope as humans that we wake up in time to save the wonderful animals, plants, oceans and environments that are quickly disappearing or being destroyed

    . When I see how many animals nurture and protect their young, I think we could learn much from them.

    In the not so distant future, I’m afraid this film may (sadly) be the only way we will be able to see these incredible species that we share this planet with.

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