How to Get Unlimited Lives on Candy Crush Free

Candy Crush Free Lives


Am I the last person in the country to figure this out?

I have been playing Candy Crush for a month or so and love moving through the different challenges and levels. But I don’t like paying for additional lives or bugging my friends on Facebook about it. 


Candy Crush Free Lives


So one night, I was ready to play my next “Quest” to move to the next set of levels. It had been OVER 24 hours, so I turned on the game, ready to play. When the Candy Crush game showed that I still had to wait another 4 hours, I was annoyed. The Candy Crush clock was off – it had definitely been over 24 hours.

So, I decided to change the time on my iPad to set it 4 hours ahead. And it worked!


iPad Settings


Not only that, but I realized that I again had 5 lives instead of the 4 I’d had a few minutes ago. So once I played those 5 lives, I tried it again. I forwarded the time another 2.5 hours and – Bam! 5 more lives! Yay!

I mentioned my discovery to my husband the next day and he said “Oh yeah, I read that in the news days ago.”  Um, thanks for sharing the tip, honey.

So, if you didn’t already know this cool little tip, be sure to try it! It works on my iPhone and iPad, but I don’t know about any other devices…

* Also, when you change your device clock back to the correct time, the Candy Crush doesn’t reset. Meaning, it will then tell you you have 389,383 minutes (or whatever) until your next life. So every time you play after that, the clock has to be set farther and farther into the future. It might not be worth that annoyance to people who want to normally keep the device on correct time.


Candy Crush Free Lives - Use this simple trick




    • It’s definitely not a good thing to know when I’m on a roll. Running out of lives used to make me give up and do something else, like go to bed. Now I never run out!  :)

  2. Great! You rock! I LOVE Candy Crush but have NEVER paid for extra lives and now I’ll never have too! Thank you so much!

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