$100 Cash or Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

$100 Cash or Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

It’s time for another fantastic giveaway! A Helicopter Mom has teamed up with SmartySaver and some other fantastic blogs to bring this giveaway. Our sponsor, PromotionCode.org, has generously offered the prize (winner’s choice):

$100 Amazon Gift Card OR $100 PayPal Cash!!!


About PromotionCode.org
Have you heard of PromotionCode yet? They publish the most up to date promotion codes and discount coupons available online, for hundreds of stores like Macy’s, Target, JC Penney, Home Depot and more…I also love that PromotionCode has a section where you can see who offers free shipping, because of course that’s an even bigger savings!

Their website is super easy to use, you can either browse through their directory or search for a particular store to get the latest coupon codes and discounts available. You can even sign up for an email alert for specific stores that you pick.

This giveaway ends November 30, at midnight EST and is open to US. Simply fill out entries in the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win! Please note that all terms and conditions of this giveaway can be found in the Rafflecopter widget.

Good luck!

And when you get a chance be sure to head on over to visit PromotionCode to learn more about them…

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  1. lydia goodman says:

    I hadnt heard of Promotioncode.org but I;m glad I know about it now….thanks!

  2. lydia goodman says:

    i would love the amazon card, would sure help with Christmas

  3. Either would be fine with me! They would both go toward helping with Christmas!

  4. I would love the Amazon Gift Card is I win, and I will be using this to buy some really nice gifts for my father, sister and nephew! Thanks so much for this awesome giveaway!

  5. I’d like Paypal cash

  6. I’d choose the Amazon gift card and I’d purchase Christmas gifts.

  7. Jennifer Boehme says:

    I would choose paypal. I have medicine to buy and bills that I could pay. Thanks for the chance!

  8. joanne major says:

    i would choose the amazon card and would buy presents for the grandkids for Christmas

  9. I would choose the Amazon gift card and use it to buy Christmas gifts.

  10. NIcole Strunk says:

    Amazon – my wish list on there is huge!

  11. Amazon and I would buy Christmas Presents

  12. Julie Wood says:

    I would buy some really nice presents for my family! I would be able to afford to buy some really nice gifts if I won this giveaway! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  13. Julie Wood says:

    I forgot to mention that I would choose Amazon!

  14. Amazon Gift Card….working toward a Kindle Fire HD.

  15. Amazon is one of my main sources for Christmas shopping. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  16. Amazon gc  use it for books or xmas!

  17. I’d go for the cash.  We’ve got a local Target that we’re trying to keep open and I’d love to have the extra $100 to spend for the holidays in the hopes of keeping them open.  We’re trying to rebuild our community here and if the Target closes, it’s going to hurt us in terms of bringing other businesses and in terms of jobs.

  18. I would choose the PayPal Cash and use it to help with Christmas and upcoming Birthdays :)

  19. Debra Sauvageau says:

    Cash…I would buy a few Thanksgiving groceries :) and get some gas so I could go visit my son & my grand babies for Thanksgiving

  20. Chris Stenftenagel says:

    I would love an Amazon gift card to use for Christmas presents!!

  21. Katherine Oliveira says:

    Amazon :)

  22. I would love the Amazon GC – thanks!

  23. melissa braun says:

    Cash….for new baby coming in December!! 😀

  24. Christine Ling says:

    use it for christmas shopping

  25. Christine Fox says:

    I would like the amazon gift card and use it for more desperately needed cloth diapers :)

  26. amazon and i would use just about on anything

  27. Cash!  I’d use it to buy clothes for my son.  He needs new shoes, and pants.  Thanks!  

  28. Connie Lee says:

    I would choose Amazon GC. I would start my Christmas shopping with it

  29. I would choose cash and use it to pay some bills

  30. Jennifer Crowell says:

    I would choose the paypal cash, because I have a lot saved in Amazon gift cards for Christmas already and could use some cash for Christmas travel, we go see my family every year.

  31. I would choose an Amazon GC and I might put it toward a new mixer.

  32. amazon gc!!  xmas gifts!

  33. Mary Casper says:

    I would choose cash and I would use it for groceries

  34. Elizabeth Parker says:

    I honestly don’t know which option I would choose, but it would go towards Christmas shopping for our girls. :)

  35. I’d choose Amazon and use it for Christmas shopping.

  36. Jody Sisson says:

    I would choose Paypal Cash and would use it for bills.

  37. Amazon card would be great for shopping this season!

  38. Well I need money, but kind of want audible subscription.

  39. I would go with cash, There’s a pair of sneakers my son really wants that are not on Amazon.

  40. Jill A. Collins says:

    I’d choose the Amazon gift card and use it to help my husband buy the tv he’s been saving up for.

  41. I’d choose Amazon to help with buying next semester’s textbooks.

  42. I would go with the cash to help replace a pair of my sister’s gold earrings that I lost. 

  43. Either would be nice for a lovely Christmas!

  44. Rachel Briggs says:

    I’d use it to buy gifts!

  45. Allie Lanc on rafflecopter says:

    I would choose cash and put it towards groceries!

  46. Stephanie Foster says:

    I would choose the Amazon GC and use it toward a Kindle Fire HD purchase. My old Kindle stopped working and I’m going through withdrawals.

  47. I’d use the Amazon Gift Card to buy jazz CD’s.

  48. I’d choose the Amazon Gift card and buy baking equipment.

  49. cash for groceries or christmas presents

  50. Amazon for Christmas gifts.

  51. The PayPal cash so I could buy some new yarn.

  52. The Amazon gc.

  53. I would choose the Amazon GC and do some Christmas shopping with it

  54. steve weber says:

    I’d take the paypal cash.

  55. i would pick the amazon for christmas gifts

  56. amazon for christmas gifts

  57. Dagmara Hawkins says:

    I would choose cash

  58. cash for groceries

  59. Georgette C says:

    Either would be fine with me but if I had to choose I would pick the paypal cash.

  60. I would choose Amazon to buy books and movies.

  61. Definitely Amazon and lots of presents for Christmas/.
    Carol L

  62. Amazon would be great!

  63. cash

  64. I’d choose the Amazon gift card because there are some DVD sets I want to buy.

  65. I would choose the Amazon card. I have several items on my wish list, some things for me and some things such as soy candles that I would like to give as gifts.

  66. Amazon GC

  67. Amazon card for gifts for Christmas.

  68. Cash to help pay off a debt..

  69. Ruben Ramos says:

    id go with amazon card and buy gifts

  70. alicia wallace says:

    I would choose Amazon, and buy K-cups. They have great prices

  71. Sandra davis says:

    either one works for me. lots of xmas gifts

  72. Amazon !! YOu can get ANYTHING on Amazon! Christmas is so so close……hope I win

  73. jules mcnubbin says:

    i love amazon… it would go towards christmas presents

  74. Kassie Doran says:

    I would probably get the amazon gift card… just because if I got cash, that is where it would go anyway!

  75. Kim Burnett says:

    paypal cash

  76. Michael W Perkins says:

    Cash, i’d use it for car parts….

  77. David Hollingsworth says:

    I would go with Amazon, and I would purchase some new DVDs.


  78. Denise Welch says:

    Love amazon

  79. I’d like the cash and I would definitely use it to buy my daughter new seat covers for her car for Christmas. Great giveaway!

  80. I would be glad to win cash that I could put towards debt and bills!

  81. Paul T/Pauline T says:

    PayPal Cash —–      Paul T/Pauline T aka Paul Tran ….. emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  82. The cash, I am about to go to Europe to backpack and could use a bit more.  :)

  83. i would use the cash towards a new pair of boots

  84. Debra Gaswint says:

    I’d love an Amazon GC because they have everything.  I think I would buy some clothes for my 26 year old son.  He needs them!

  85. Jacob LaFountaine says:

    I would choose cash. I need some snacks

  86. I would choose cash- to pay bills, buy xmas gifts and stash the rest in savings

  87. Casey Everidge says:

    i would choose paypal

  88. Marlena Little says:

    Amazon and Christmas gifts

  89. Helen Keeler says:

    I’d choose the Amazon GC as I don’t know how to use pay pal.

  90. Arinna Black says:

    I’d love to get an Amazon gift card and I’d use the money to buy Christmas gifts for my family! :)

  91. I am always looking for new promo codes and discounts. This site is right up my alley. I’d choose Amazon. You can buy everything short of the planet Earth on Amazon.. lol

  92. Carla Bonesteel says:

    I would take the Amazon GC…I want a new Kindle Fire HD

  93. I would choose an Amazon GC and buy Christmas presents with it!

  94. michelle warnke says:

    I’d probably choose Amazon because I have a ton of things saved I would love to buy!

  95. I would get a kindle I believe.

  96. I’d choose the Amazon gift card and buy Christmas presents !

  97. Sharon Kaminski says:

    cash to buy a nice turkey and trimmings for christmas

  98. cash! buy toys for christmas

  99. I would choose cash and use it towards buying little Christmas gifts.

  100. Amazon giftcard.   I would buy Christmas presents for my son!

  101. cash for christmas

  102. Elizabeth Alford says:

    I would used the gift card for christmas shopping!!!

  103. i’d choose amazon

  104. ohh that pay pal cash sure would be nice.  Or the Amazon heck I’m not picky, I just need some more beads and buttons and bows, arts and crafts, ohh sure,,it’s cheaper if you do it your self

  105. amazon! I have been wanting racheal ray spaghetti pot forever!!

  106. David Balkin says:

    I would probably do something nice for my beautiful wife with the $100 cash!!

  107. Natalie Ginnow says:

    I would choose the cash so I can feed my family.

  108. Amazon for diapers.

  109. Katharine Davis says:

    Amazon for sure

  110. Ted Kooper says:

    i want cash for a new pc

  111. patricia skinner says:

    I would use to needed items like the special bulbs we need for our projector and a new chair pad for under the desk.

  112. charlene k says:

    I would choose cash to buy presents for my son and nephews.

  113. Amazon Gift card for Christmas presents.

  114. I would pick  cash and buy groceries for the holidays.

  115. Jenn Wheeler says:

    Amazon GC, use it for Christmas shopping

  116. I would choose the cash and buy Christmas presents for my three kids and three nieces and nephews and some birthday presents for my son who’s birthday is in two weeks.

  117. I would choose the Amazon gift card.

  118. Terra Lenhoff Drenthe says:

    I would use the money towards a Kindle Fire HD for my kids ! Thanks for the giveaaway !

  119. I don’t know which one I would pick honestly. Probably the cash, but no matter what it would go toward a hospital bill.

  120. Jessica Meadows says:

    The Amazon GC…it would help get a few items on the Christmas wish lists. Thanks for the opportunity!

  121. Michaela K says:

    I’d choose Paypal cash and spend it in Indie polish maker shops and other small businesses.

  122. RANDY FULGHAM says:


  123. ALMA FAUGHT says:

    cash for gifts for Christmas.

  124. Gina Points says:

    Amazon- it is my addiction!

  125. I would choose the amazon gift card & buy Christmas presents for my husband & son :)

  126. Angelique Goetsch says:

    I would choose the pay pal cash. i love and need to shop at vita cost for some hard to find items and vitamins. 

  127. I would choose Pay Pal

  128. I would probably choose the cash so I could pay down a bill..

  129. I would pick the cash to buy Christmas gifts.

  130. I’d take cash and use it to buy my gf a sweater for Xmas.

  131. I would take the Amazon card and buy my hubby stuff he’d like

  132. We just found out we are our expecting our first child so i would take it nd purchase books n gear on amazon.

  133. THERESA WILSON says:

    I would love to win cash to help with christmas shopping.

  134. renee walters says:

    I would choose the PayPal Cash and use it to help with Christmas!  Thanks for the great giveaway and happy holidays!

  135. James Robinson Jr says:

    Cash is the best way to go.

  136. LaTanya Coleman says:

    I’d choose cash and I’d buy boots.

  137. alyce poalillo says:

    I think the Paypal cash would be the best for me.

  138. I’m not sure which one I would want because I’m not sure if all the gifts I’m going to give. I would need with a little research on Amazon. But most likely PayPal

  139. susan quackenbush says:

    If I won, I would request a gift card to use to buy my grandaughter an American Girl Doll:)

  140. I would choose cash

  141. Amazon GC to purchase books

  142. carla king says:

    son’s health insurance

  143. Letessha Williams says:

    Amazon please..I love to shop there.

  144. give me the gift card

  145. rageenavandelay says:

    cash, for Christmas gifts

  146. Amazon GC, so I could buy Kindle books and Christmas gifts

  147. Heather Fitzgerald says:

    I would take whatever I was given and be ever so grateful for the gift!!! 

  148. books

  149. Debotah Bay says:

    Sure would help with Christmas

  150. Debotah Bay says:

    Would help alot

  151. Lori Bailey says:

    I would choose the amazon gift card. 

  152. Paypal–I’d buy my daughter a banjo.

  153. Pameula Henson says:

    Amazon gift card.

  154. I would choose the cash so i can buy a new winter coat. Thanks for the chance.

  155. Michelle S says:

    I would take PP and use it to buy necessities.

  156. The Amazon GC would be great for shopping right now.

  157. Annemarie Z. says:

    I would choose the PayPal cash and get some handmade soaps, lotions, scrubs, etc. on Etsy.

  158. Lucy Schwartz says:

    I would take the amazon Gift Card and use it for Christmas.

  159. I would catch up on some holiday shopping!!!

  160. Corey Olomon says:

    I would chose Amazon GC and use it towards a tablet for my son.

  161. Alexandra Harris says:

    I would probably choose cash so I could use it towards bills.

  162. Melissa Nix says:

    I would buy a Furby for my little cousin.

  163. I love Amazon so Id use it for Christmas shopping

  164. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:

    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  165. Diana Stanhope says:

    I would pick amazon GC

  166. I’d love to win the Amazon card or the Paypal money either one!

  167. Hollie Jahnke says:

    Cash and I would use it for Christmas presents for my kids.

  168. I’d love the Amazon for Christmas gifts!

  169. sandra davis says:

    amazon for some christmas presents

  170. cassandra m says:

    amazon gift card and for my children’s Christmas gifts

  171. I would use it to buy my daughter christmas gifts this year. I would buy her a Tablet.

  172. Amazon GC to get a new TV

  173. I’d choose the Paypal because I need some much delayed dental work done.

  174. Patrick Dyal says:

    I would like cash, and I would use it for groceries and gas.

  175. Amazon. for X-mas shopping :)

  176. Lanicsha Wynn says:

    Amazon GC and I would get gift for my daughter

  177. I’d choose the Amazon GC for clothes and dvds.

  178. Paypal to help with bills

  179. Kerrie Mayans says:

    I would choose amazon and I would use it towards a new Kindle for my daughhter.

  180. paying bills

  181. richelle bowers says:

    id take amazon gc

  182. Cash to pay bills.

  183. Susan Smith says:

    Amazon as I could use it for Christmas gifts

  184. I would love the paypal so I can splurge on a pair of shoes I’ve been eyeing!

  185. Tracy Allen says:

    I would choose cash to put towards a fancy coffee maker – may or may not get from Amazon

  186. Amazon GC – fitness equipment

  187.  Thanks for the giveaway…Amazon GC to put towards a laptop for my daughter.

  188. Aaron Bretveld says:

    I would go for the Amazon GC since I can always find things to buy there.

  189. Paypal cash, pay some bills.

  190. Iliana Blair says:

    Paypal cash for sure!

  191. I would use the Amazon card to buy a SodaStream

  192. Diane Kleemann says:

    The Amazon gift card would make a great Christmas gift!

  193. Love shopping at Amazon, bc they carry everything I need and want :)

  194. I would choose the cash and use it for Christmas!

  195. Ella Bryant says:

    I would use cash.  Get xmas gifts.

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