Back to School Giveaway – MoxieJean ($177.50)

Adorable Clothes from MoxieJean Upscale Resale

You may have heard me mention before how much I love to buy clothes for the kids. Ever since my oldest was a baby, I’ve enjoyed buying everything from expensive boutique outfits for the girls to funky and fun used clothes I come across at consignment sales. But the boutiques have become too expensive for us […]

$25 Amazon Gift Code Giveaway

Amazon Gift Code Giveaway on A Helicopter Mom

A Helicopter Mom Welcomes You to the Amazon Gift Code Giveaway! . . I’ve got a lot of fun giveaways starting this week, so be sure to hop around and enter them all! Have fun and GOOD LUCK!  :)  . . . GIVEAWAY . One lucky A Helicopter Mom reader will win a $25 Amazon Gift Code! […]

Walmart Gift Card Giveaway

Walmart Gift Card Giveaway on A Helicopter Mom

A Helicopter Mom Welcomes You to the Walmart Gift Card Giveaway! . I’m a traveling fool!  I’ve been on 3 trips in the last month and have 2 more big trips coming up over the next month. Since I’ve been away from my blog a little more than usual, I thought it would be fun […]

Smiles Across America – Giveaway

Trident Healthy Smiles

In my family, proper dental hygiene is a must. I want my children to understand why good dental hygiene and health are important, because I don’t think I really understood as a child. I brushed my teeth because I wanted fresh breath, but unless I had something stuck in my teeth or had a dentist […]

How to Protect the Products You Love – $150 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Keeping Tech Products Safe From Little Hands

Our kids are too young to have their own laptops, smart phones and tablets. But if you asked me to name a day that my kids didn’t at least use one of our tech gadgets for a few minutes, I’d have a hard time answering. It’s part of the technological age we live in. Kids know how to […]