Sunrise Sparkle Cocktail Mocktail Recipe

We don’t drink a lot of sodas or juices in our house. The kids, my husband and I all drink a lot of water throughout the day and at meals instead. But since we drink so much water, we like to add flavors to switch things up from time to time. DASANI DROPS are zero-calorie […]

Easy Vanilla Berry Protein Smoothie Recipe

When the kids are in school, morning is always our craziest time of day. We try to get organized every night and do what we can to save time in the morning. But even when we’ve picked out school clothes the night before, made lunches ahead of time and had the morning all planned out, […]

Easy Cinnamon Roll Apple Dumplings Recipe

  Lately, the weather has been a little wacky around here. For a few days it’s hot and in the 80’s and then rainy and then cools back off into the 60’s and the process starts all over again. I normally wouldn’t complain since it could just be plain old cold and nothing else but […]

Easy Pound Cake & Peaches Sundae Recipe

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Breyers. All opinions are 100% mine. . . I love making delicious desserts, but am not very talented at creating the recipes myself. Thankfully, there are amazing chefs like Chef Antonia Lofaso to help! Chef Lofaso has created lots of delectable desserts including the […]

Easy Cookies and Cream Cupcakes Recipe

  My daughter has been asking for Cookies and Cream cupcakes since having them last year at a birthday party. I finally got around to making them last weekend and they are so good.    Cookies and Cream Cupcakes Recipe   Cupcake Ingredients Boxed white cake mix (I used Betty Crocker Super Moist White Cake […]

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