You Let Them Juggle Knives – Ending Mommy Guilt

Our Three Kids - No Mommy Guilt #UniteMonday

One of my favorite movies is Parenthood. There are so many truths in it that really make me think about how I parent my own children. And these lines are so, so true:   “lt’s because he was our first. l mean, l think we were very tense when Kevin was little. lf he got […]

Twinkies Minion Decorating Kits – Easy and Fun for Kids

Twinkies Minion Decorating Kits - Easy and fun for kids!

Our family was thrilled when we learned that the Minions would be back in a new movie this year. We already own both of the Despicable Me movies and my husband and I knew the kids would love Minions too. As soon as we heard that it would be playing at the local drive-in theater, we […]

Back-to-School Shopping Easy as A, B, C

Back to School Supply Lists

I love Back-to-School time! Not because the kids are going back to school – that part makes me sad. I’ll miss having long days of fun at the pool, in the yard and just having fun around the house. So while it will be nice to have a tiny bit more time for myself, it’s […]

A Honey Just Do It List – Proxeed plus

Honey Do List - Proxeed Plus

When my husband and I decided to try to have a baby, I got pregnant right away. The first time. But as we tried for other children after that, we found it more difficult. We had a lot of different doctor appointments to try to figure out what the problem could be. I was concerned […]

Balance Your Plate with California Pizza Kitchen

Balance Your Plate Pizza and Salad

  With three kids in school, our weekdays can get pretty hectic. The kids are all in different buildings on two different campuses, so just getting through the afternoon carpools takes over an hour. Then when we get home, the kids want a snack and then have hours of homework (literally) that they often need […]

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