Financial Management for Military Families

My Military and Money App

If you have loved ones in the military, then you may be familiar with the financial challenges that often come along with that life. Frequent moves, deployments and everyday life can put a strain on finances. It can be difficult for military families to plan for financial needs in the future when they aren’t certain […]

Exercise Ideas for Kids – Help Children Stay Active – Giveaway

Exercise Ideas for Kids - Outdoor Slide

Before I had kids, a friend of mine told me that kids needed space to run, like dogs. I laughed at the time, thinking it was funny, if slightly offensive to children. Now that I have three kids, I totally agree.  :) . . Whether it’s a super long walk in the neighborhood or a […]

WiFi on the Go – Our New NETGEAR Unite Wireless Hotspot

Traveling with Tech Products - NETGEAR Unite Wireless Hotspot

When my husband and I bought my last car, we talked about whether or not we wanted to include a DVD player. We ended up deciding to go without a DVD player because the kids were young and we didn’t think they’d need entertainment in the car. What we didn’t consider is how tied to our screens we all would […]

Cats with Credit Cards – Protect Your Identity

Mickey the Cat

Have you ever heard a news story about a dog getting a credit card? My cat has one.     Or could have one, if she wanted. See, Mickey isn’t my legal name. It’s my cat’s name. I’ve borrowed her name as my nickname online and in my blogging, but it’s not my real name. And yet, somehow, […]

Back to School Giveaway – MoxieJean ($177.50)

Adorable Clothes from MoxieJean Upscale Resale

You may have heard me mention before how much I love to buy clothes for the kids. Ever since my oldest was a baby, I’ve enjoyed buying everything from expensive boutique outfits for the girls to funky and fun used clothes I come across at consignment sales. But the boutiques have become too expensive for us […]