Back to School With Dollar General – Giveaway

Dollar General Giveaway

This post brought to you by Dollar General. All opinions are 100% mine. . It’s back to school time! I have such fun memories of getting my school supplies ready when I was a child. I’d arrange and rearrange my notebooks, pencil pouch, and school supplies, placing them carefully and lovingly into my new backpack. […]

The New Total Clean Lineup

A Welcoming Home

This post brought to you by Procter & Gamble. All opinions are 100% mine. . If you’ve ever tried bargain brands for cleaning, you know that you get what you pay for. So it can be hard to find quality dish and laundry care products at a great price. If you want products that perform […]

The Ultimate Tech Doll

Chatsters Gabby Tech Doll

This post brought to you by Walmart. All opinions are 100% mine. . With two little girls in the family, you can bet we’ve owned a lot of dolls. Big ones, small ones, soft ones and plastic ones. The girls have fun with the dolls for a while, but it seems like they get tired […]

What Makes You Sparkle?

Rustic Chapel Wedding

We have a sparkly household. Whether it’s a sparkle in my son’s eye when he’s excited, the glitter in my daughters’ crafts or a shiny piece of jewelry that I love to wear, we love the shimmer and shine sparkles. There are lots of things in my life that make me sparkle too. Like being with my husband. […]

Boating Safety for Kids

A Day on the Boat

I have always loved boating. Growing up in North Carolina, I was able to go boating with relatives who lived at the beach and with family friends who went out in our local lakes. I’ve tubed, skied, driven and just enjoyed riding and being out on the water.     But all of that fun in […]

Enjoying Our Deck Again – How to Get Rid of Wasps and Hornets

Our Home's Back Deck

Our back deck is one of the favorite features of our house. When we built the house, we planned for a nice screened porch that opened to a large back deck overlooking the yard and woods. We enjoy sitting under the ceiling fan of the screened porch on hot summer days and love eating  and […]

5 Must Have Items I Always Carry

5 Must Have Items I Carry

I’ll admit, I carry a lot more than 5 items in my handbag. In fact, my favorite handbags are all enormous since I love being able to throw whatever I want in them – from a sippy cup for my son to my full size blogging planner. But no matter which handbag I’m carrying, there are […]

Our Favorite Summer First

No Sting Wound and Skin Care

The kids are out of school for the summer and we’ve been busy! I’d have to say that our favorite summer first would have to be our first beach trip of the summer. We had a great time at the beach, and are now enjoying the rest of our summer break here in town. Whether […]

Stylish Solutions for Messes at Home and On the Go

Huggies Clean 'n Clutch

Now that we have no more babies in the house, we’re able to start getting rid of a lot of gear. We’ve been putting lots of baby furniture aside to sell and bagging baby sleepers and clothes up to donate. But one baby item that I still use just as often as I did with […]

Easy DIY Custom Painted Stool – Shape Tape Design

DIY Stripey Stool

This post brought to you by FrogTape. All opinions are 100% mine. . With three young kids, we have a lot of stools throughout the house. In front of the sinks, beside the beds and to reach the counters. Some of them are cuter than others, but none are very pretty. So I decided to […]