Get a Shot. Give a Shot.

New Baby - Get a Shot. Give a Shot.

When I had my children, the grandparents couldn’t wait to visit the hospital to see the new babies. Despite living hours away, each time my husband and I had a baby, both sets of our parents dropped everything to visit.     Looking back, the only thing my husband and I considered at the time […]

Band-Aid Brand Stuck on Me Jingle Contest

Band-Aid Brand Stuck on Me Jingle Contest

It’s possibly one of the most memorable jingles of all time: “I am stuck on BAND-AID® Brand ’cause BAND-AID’s stuck on me!”   Now your kids can sing that famous jingle and be entered to win some awesome prizes!  BAND-AID® Brand is searching for their next BAND-AID® Brand star and we want your family to enter! Just […]

Homemade Granola Trail Mix Recipe

Nature Valley Granola Protein

We don’t eat a lot of junk food in our family. I don’t usually keep it in the house, because it seems like when it’s here it gets eaten, but when it’s not we don’t miss it. We get treats for special occasions, but otherwise don’t have them very often. But I realized the other […]

Angel Hair Garden Pasta Salad Recipe

Super Easy Garden Pasta Salad Recipe

. Our family loves pasta. It’s so versatile that we can always find a fun new recipe to try. Whether we’re in the mood for a hearty, cream-based pasta recipe for dinner or a light pasta with veggies for lunch, the options are endless. Now that the weather has gotten so much warmer, I’ve found myself […]

Easy American Flag Cookie Cake Recipe

Super Easy American Flag Cookie Cake Recipe

  It’s that time of year. School is almost out, vacations are being planned and everyone is ready to fire up the grill for summer cook-outs. We have a few cook-outs and potlucks that we go to every summer, so I’m already thinking ahead and planning what I might take to each. For the 4th […]

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