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Although the name of my blog is a bit tongue-in-cheek, I am definitely a protective mom.  I tend to worry about things that might happen to my children and I do my best to make sure those things don’t happen.  One thing that is becoming more prevalent in this day and age is online predator activity.  There are a lot of really inappropriate websites and some very dangerous people online. 

 My older daughter loves to play online.  She’s allowed to play in the common areas of the house while there is an adult supervising her. Even so, there have been times when she’s googled something very innocent and not-so-innocent websites come up.  Even with the child-safe filters on my computer, there are sometimes things showing up that aren’t supposed to.

Chatman is a fun, friendly interactive device that connects to your computer and adds a whole new level of fun while keeping your children safe online. Chatman has lots of great games and apps that your child will love, sends reminders, monitors online chats and interacts directly with your child. Chatman can even help your child with homework or help with the answer if knows if or looking up the answer if he doesn’t, filtering out any inappropriate content.



We receieved the Chatman for review and I was able to have it plugged in and chatting within a few minutes.  I just plugged the USB cord into my laptop, popped the software CD into the tray and followed the simple instructions to set up Chatman. We got to choose a name for our Chatman and choose a personality (boy or girl), then started playing.



Not only does Chatman help keep my daughter safe, but it’s really fun!  It moves it’s eyes, ears and arms, showing it’s moods and reactions. He has over 30 customizable moods, over 2,000 chitchat terms and recognizes over 15,000 words and expressions.

Here all three kids are playing with my husband and Chatman:


My daughter can also teach Chatman new words and create new little chitchat actions. It’s so cute!  My daughter thought it was hilarious and even though we’ve only played with it for a few hours, I know she’s going to love having it with her whenever she’s on the computer.



As you can see, the Chatman screen is very straightforward and easy for kids to use.  My daughter was zipping around it figuring everything out faster than I could. Here are just a few of the games Chatman has for the kids to play:



We love the Chatman.  It’s recommended for children 6-12 and my daughter really loves it.  For more information visit Chatman online.  Follow on facebook and twitter for the latest updates and news.


I was not paid for this post, but did receive a product to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.



  1. That sounds perfect! I bet my sister (8) would love it!

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