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Cosmetics Giveaway

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  1. I worst present I ever got was an ugly christmas sweater.

  2. Susan Fishel says:

    This would make a wonderful Christmas gift for one of my granddaughters.

  3. A boy’s pack of underwear

  4. I got a bedazzler when I was 12 but it was just the machine, no studs or jewels to actually bedazzle anything.

  5. Carolyn Stoklosa says:

    We always got socks and underwear in our stocking.  LOL

  6. kim beckman says:

    worst one was nasty smelling perfume

  7. Christina Keaton says:

    The worst gift I received was a recycled shaving set that the person who had given it to me received as a gift a couple years before

  8. Krystle s. says:

    I got an AWFUL Christmas sweater from my mother in law.

  9. Kealey Bird says:

    Something I had previously donated to good will

  10. Charlene Thomas says:

    A vacuum.

  11. Allison Revilla says:

    I always get some UGLY a@@ earrings from my aunt.

  12. Harriet Wilson says:

    My mom always bought us underware and socks for Christmas, being kids that was just embarassing

  13. ami ferguson says:

    Worst present i ever got was a used CD player that didnt even work!

  14. Six purple dish towels 

  15. Leslie L. Stanziani says:

    My mom keeps buying me pig stuff that oinks.She thinks it is funny since she called me s.Piggy when I was younger,but it bothers me.

  16. robyn paris says:

    i’ve been lucky and have always rec’d nice christmas gifts. 

  17. A turkey ornament.. My aunt got us all them… It made for a pretty funny Christmas though.

  18. Karen Gonyea says:

    Microwave Oven.

  19. wendy wallach says:

    my mom regifted me an item of lingerie with a card still addressed to her inside the box

  20. Rachel Briggs says:

    I’ guess I’ve been lucky in that I’ve never really received a “bad” gift…the only thing that comes to mind is being a child and wanting something more than anything, but receiving the cheap knock-off version of it and not the name brand item :p. 

    So now, I’m always careful to buy the exact item my kids ask for, because I still remember the disappointment I felt!

  21. Vikki Billings says:

    The worst Christmas gift I ever received was from my ex-mother in law, she made me a topiary tree out of a stick, a round Styrofoam ball, and some artificial flowers. It was really not good. I did use it in my house though because she made it for me.

  22. My worst gift was a very ugly Christmas cardigan.

  23. Joan Cohen says:

    Itch sweater

  24. It was a RE-occurring t;hing. Ever since becoming an adult…. I just STOPPED wearing T-shirts or sweatshirts. I NEVER wear them. NEVER. It’s just my opinion that unless you are in super shape, never wear a T-shirt, women! And sweatshirts, to me are ONLY for… well perhaps camping, fishing! But otherwise, they just say sloppy to me or a teen! But, every Christmas- I’d get some sweatshirts with the goofy awful things on them… from the “cutsie” seasonal theme to the ubiquitous teddy bears or flowers… LOL I’d have to say OH CUTE. But into the Salvation Army donation bin they all went.

  25. The worst christmas gift I ever got was days of the week underwear.

  26. I’m sure it was something to wear, the wrong size.

  27. A ugly multi colored sweater with “fur” that seemed to extend out from it in patches.

  28. jeanne conner says:

    A box of chocolates when I was on a strict diet

  29. Tracy Allen says:

    Clothes my mother thought i “Should” like

  30. A horrible blanket that went with nothing in my house.

  31. Danielle Porter says:

    The worst present I ever got was a pink shirt! I don’t wear pink, and it was from my boyfriends family so I had to wear it sometimes so they didn’t feel bad!

  32. Annemarie Z. says:

    A framed picture of my brother from my brother.

  33. Julie Harris says:

    My parents got me some ziplock bags last year lol

  34. i got an ugly sweater

  35. The dress a few sizes bigger than me

  36. Nancy Luebke says:

    My worst gift was a neon yellow sweater teamed with ugly red sweatpants

  37. Tiffany Hoyt says:

    My dad gave me a lump of coal as a joke. :)

  38. Kathleen M Smith says:

    A small puzzle (like the $1 kind) when I was a child

  39. Amber Jackson says:

    The worst Christmas gift I ever received was a re-gift from my boss that was a coffee mug that when I opened up the box, there was a note that had my bosses name on it and a tiny message as to why they chose that coffee mug for my boss.  I never told my boss about that.

  40. my grandmother gave my brothers and I a stuffed deer head to hang on the wall once

  41. dish towels

  42. a ceiling fan…..that my husband wanted and he bought for me. the same year he got me the floor scrubber……..

  43. A laundry basket

  44. samantha Avery says:

    The worst present I ever got was a rabbit fur jacket from my ex Mother in law… She gave it to me knowing that I am allergic to rabbit and cat fur.. Plus it just grossed me out!

  45. javeta acker says:

    probably an ugly  sweater when I was a child,my presents I usually always like 

  46. Angie Dzieglewicz says:

    It was a cheese cube christmas tree. Not even pre made just a tree with sticks coming out for me to one day (never) put cheese cubes on!

  47. Rachel ketterman says:

    A pair of ugly black socks with huge pink and red lips on them!!

  48. toothpaste

  49. Amanda Miller says:

    The worst Christmas gift I ever received was a smoked salmon. YUCK!

  50. I asked for Bell Biv Devoe’s album with the song poison on it from my grandma when i was a teenager. I guess all the remember was the word poison and I ended up getting a heavy metal cassette. I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaated rock music back then…lol. 

  51. Diana Jones says:

    The worst thing i got was a tacky xmas outfit that one didn’t fit, and two looks like something designed for my grandma.

  52. The worst Christmas present I’ve ever gotten was a dress. My Nana always gave me and my sister clothes for Christmas when we were kids. Only clothes. One year, she got us both these HUGE dresses that we called “balloon dresses”. They were WAY too big and made us look like we were wearing sacks. We couldn’t return them because the tags were cut off, and we had no clue where they came from. To this day, I still think about that balloon dress… She gets us much better clothes now, and she sometimes gives us something completely different, but that dress will forever be on my mind…

  53. an undershirt after i had already started wearing a bra

  54. RosemarY ford says:

    A bag of coal

  55. Picture frames to put pictures of my kids in.  Every Christmas parents sacrifice to buy gifts for their kids…we’d like a gift that is just for us.

  56. The worst christmas present I got was a regifted present. It wouldnt have been that bad if it hadn’t been what I gave them. They forgot I gave it to them.

  57. Summer Hansen says:

    gross perfume!

  58. a dollar store pancho

  59. Kelsea Eaton says:

    Socks lol

  60. an undershirt when i wasd already wearing bras

  61. william saylor says:

    The worst gift i ever got was a fishing pole.

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