Creative Learning with the InnoTab 2

Creative Learning VTech InnoTab 2

It’s truly amazing how different my kids’ childhood is from mine.  The technology that they just take in stride is more and more spectacular by the year, from laptops and Wi-Fi to smart phones and tablets. Thankfully, VTech is creating children’s products that are just as spectacular, but in child-friendly and child-appropriate form.


Creative Learning InnoTab 2
VTech’s InnoTab 2 Learning App Tablet is the perfect example of that. Made for kids 3 to 9-years-old, this multi-functional tablet is my children’s version of my tablet. It keeps the kids entertained with a movable photo/video camera, creative activities, animated interactive e-books, tilt-sensor learning games and so much more. My daughters have played with the InnoTab 2 daily since we got it and absolutely love it.


Creative Learning VTech InnoTab 2


We took the InnoTab 2 on a road trip a few weeks ago and it was played with the entire car ride.  Besides the games and activities already included on the tablet, my daughters were having a blast making videos and were taking pictures of each other and then adding crazy looks to the pictures.  Plus, the very cool adjustable lens let them turn the lens completely over and point it towards themselves so they could record themselves singing songs and making silly faces. 


Creative Learning VTech InnoTab 2

 The cool yellow and blue lens flips from front all the way over to back for picture and video fun!


The girls also love the game “Face Race” that uses the tilt sensor to determine how the InnoTab 2 is being tilted. The girls have to tilt the game from side to side to keep the tightrope walker from falling off the rope and falling into water. As they get better and better, they move up in levels through the game and love “steering” the game to play.


Creative Learning InnoTab 2 Tilt Sensor


Although the InnoTab 2 was designed for kids 3 to 9-years-old, my 2-year-old son sees his sister playing and just has to have a turn himself.  His favorite activity is the Art Studio. He knows how to pull up his favorite markers and shapes and with the touch screen, it’s so easy for him to use his finger and color. When he’s finished drawing, he likes to have the frog jump and car drive across the screen over and over to leave tracks.  :)


Creative Learning InnoTab 2 Art Studio


Since my younger two aren’t always as gentle as I’d like them to be with tech toys (and grown up things too), I’m thrilled that the InnoTab 2 is really durable and tough.  The corners are soft and rubbery, which protect the tablet from bumps and also make it skid-free on flat surfaces.


Creative Learning InnoTab 2 Kid-Friendly

 Kid-friendly design – soft, durable, skid-free corners.


There are hundreds of downloadable apps online so my kids will always have new games and activities to move up to as they get older. There are even cartridges available so my kids will be able to play with their favorite licensed characters if they want. With 2GB memory onboard and an expandable DS card slot, we can add memory for videos, MP3s, and lots of fun apps.



The InnoTab 2 is really an impressive tablet. At only $79.99 from Vtech, it’s already proving to be very well worth the price (and then some). This would make an awesome gift for the Holidays and comes with enough games and apps to keep the recipient happy for a very long time. 

My kids love the InnoTab 2 so much that we’re going through a lot of batteries. I’m going to order the InnoTab AC adaptor from Amazon for a little over $10 and just use the batteries in the car.

Additional games, cartridges and apps are available online at VTech (and often selling for a discount on Amazon).

I have clearly watched “Office Space” too many times because I called this tablet the “Initech” for two days before my husband realized I wasn’t joking around and corrected me. It’s the InnoTab 2.  And I believe you have my stapler.




I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for VTech. I received product samples to facilitate my review.



  1. Anna Johnson says:

    these look really cool- think thats what ill get my kids for christmas- thanks for the review

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