DealDash – A Risk-Free Alternative to Bidding Sites

Have you heard of DealDash? I keep hearing other bloggers who are using it and winning products for really low prices and had to check it out.

DealDash is a risk-free alternative to other auction sites. It’s free to register for an account, then bids can be purchased in packages. Each auction, no matter what the product, starts at $0.00 and each bid raises the price by one cent ($0.01). Each bid placed restarts the countdown clock. If there aren’t any bids placed before the clock runs out, the highest bidder wins that auction.




The normal price for bids is $0.60 per bid, but there are frequent and regular Bid Sales when you can buy bids for as low as $0.15 per bid. The bids must be purchased before the auction starts and are sold in packs of 60, 100 and more. There are no reserve prices set for anything and everything is sold for the final bid price, no matter how low it is. That means a lot of bids end in really amazing deals. Not only that, but shipping is completely free on all Deal Dash items!

If you are a first time DealDash bidder, and you use all of your bids without winning an auction, DealDash will return all of the bids from your first bid pack purchase, at no charge, to give you more chances to find those great deals. DealDash is also risk-free with the Buy It Now option. If you bid on an auction and don’t win, you can buy that item for its final price (typically 60-99% off retail) and then get back all of the bids you used in the auction. So you end up with the item you wanted and still have the bids to use on other auctions.

DealDash has a no-questions-asked money back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied for any reason, DealDash will refund 100% of your first purchase with no questions asked. 




Learn more about how it works and see a video with more information on DealDash.

Try DealDash risk free today! 




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