Memory of Scent – How I Enhance My Home



I love how clearly scent can be tied to memory. Sometimes I’ll walk into a house and will be instantly reminded of my grandmother’s house or of the house we rented on vacations growing up.  It’s a nice feeling every time it happens.

I want the same thing in my house. Wonderful scents that will stay tied to my children and bring them happy memories when they’ve grown up and moved into their own homes.

I have several favorite scents that I always use throughout the year, changing with the seasons. In the summer, I like a fruity or citrus-y scent because it makes the house feel tropical and fun. My favorite scent right now is the Pineapple and Mangosteen from Glade Expressions.  It’s a nice, lightly sweet pineapple scent that’s not heavy or artificial smelling.   Glade Expressions I’ve been using it all summer in the Fragrance Mist and love the smell so much, I went out and bought the Oil Diffuser in the same scent. The Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser is a spill-proof diffuser that comes in a small wood stand that’s simple to use. Just pop the diffuser into the oil container and set in an open area.   Glade Expressions The wood design matches the feel of my living room so well that I have it sitting right on the mantle.  It looks perfect with my other natural and wood frames and pieces.  And it’s got the same great pineapple scent, so it really enhances the feel of the room.

Glade Expression  .

Glade Expressions


Glade Expressions® Fragrance Mist comes in a stylish holder that releases a longer-lasting, finer mist of fragrance. The gentle mist creates layers of true-to-life fragrance that opens up note by note. The artfully designed holder blends with your décor for a burst of fragrance that’s always out and available. Just squeeze to spray; then refill the holder with your favorite fragrance.


Glade Expressions Collection


Glade Expressions® Oil Diffuser releases a long-lasting fragrance for up to 30 days without the hassle of electricity. The spill-proof oil diffuser infuses layers of true-to-life scents throughout even the most open living spaces. The trendy holder matches décor perfectly, making it a convenient and stylish home-fragrancing option.


  How do you enhance your home?



Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Glade via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Glade.



  1. Karen Glatt says:

    I too like the  Pineapple and Mangosteen made by Glad Expressions! I got like 4 of these items with coupons at Walmart one day! This is my favorite scent! I like how easy it is to use, and I usually use them when I know guest come over. Nice way to hide the  smell of dog dander!

  2. courtney b says:

    your home is gorgeous! i love glade too… thanks for sharing

  3. Trasina McGahey says:

    What a nice design that blends in so well. I am ALWAYS trying out new scents and brands. One of my favs is sugar cookie scented oil.

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