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Shop Til You Drop Black Friday Gift Card Giveaway

2 lucky winners will each receive a $50 Gift Card to the store of their choice! 

Are you prepping for Black Friday, scouting out the local shops for Small Businesses Saturday and scouring the web for great deals for Cyber Monday? No matter what your shopping preference is, if you are looking to save money this holiday shopping season, you have come to the right place!

This Giveaway is all about YOU & YOUR CHOICE! You can choose Paypal, Walmart, Target, Amazon, a favorite restaurant, local shop, etc. You can use it on Black Friday while wrestling the crowds and waiting in the cold long lines,  you can use while shopping in your pj’s and sipping your hot cocoa on Cyber Monday OR you can use it Christmas Eve! The choice is yours! The winner will be receive their gift card before Thanksgiving so you will be armed and ready for the busy shopping season! 
I went shopping last year on Black Friday for the very first time. I stood outside in the freezing cold for 4 hours and when the doors opened, 100s of people started running from their cards to the door and broke in line.  This year I’m going to a store with police guarding the doors. :)  What about you?  No matter where you’re shopping, a gift card would definitely make the trip better!

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Gift Card Giveaway

Entering to win is easy to do by filling out the rafflecopter form below. This Giveaway is open World Wide to people ages 18+. Winners will be chosen by, emailed and have 24 hours to respond…..BUT WAIT….Cook’n has sweetened the deal! They are also hosting another giveaway so not only 2 but 4 Lucky fans will each win a $50 Gift Card!  After you fill out your entries on this rafflecopter form, please head over here to enter to win one of the other two $50 Gift Cards! GOOD LUCK on BOTH Giveaways! 

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Disclosure: I received no Monetary Compensation for sharing this giveaway. A Helicopter Mom is not responsible for prize fulfillment. 



  1. I plan to cook turkey dinner the day before (its only my husband myself our 16 yr old son and our puppy daughter) besides its my 39th bday anyways. And we are leaving for black friday early!

  2. Nope, because I live in Canada :)

  3. No Black Friday shopping for me. Unfortunately, I’m broke.

  4. Not in public! Ha!! I will be online shopping though!!

  5. I plan on doing some black Friday shopping. Not much money to spend but what little I have will be for my 21 year old daughter!

  6. I’m not sure if i will go shopping or not on black friday. I’d like to but I won’t have a whole lot of money :( aha

  7. I will be shopping a little later on black friday, due to the fact that i have to work at 530am

  8. christine pryor says:

    Yep I am going for the barbie jeep at walmart for 89.00

  9. i plan to shop online.. mostly on etsy and small businesses (WAHM)

  10. Jennifer Reynolds says:

    YES!!!  I love shopping on Black Friday!!!

  11. I am going to try this year! 

  12. I will probably be working

  13. Maybe… last year was really fun with the whole adult members of the family tag teaming the goodies :)

  14. Jessica Brockman says:

    I will be for the third year in a row…but i am going to try online shopping this year.

  15. Maybe to CVS for the good freebies, but that’s it.

  16. I’m not going to be able to do any in person this year I don’t think. We’re spending time with family. Hopefully I can either do some online that day or on Cyber Monday! :)

  17. I haven’t decided yet if I will be doing Black Friday shopping. I don’t know if I want to go into all of the madness….

  18. yep – love to do it =)

  19. Scarlett Alvarado says:

    Yes!  Love Shopping!

  20. Jennifer Root says:

    I will be working! It’s a holiday at my work, so I’d rather make the double-time and a half and spend it all on Cyber Monday! 😉

  21. I will be doing my Black Friday shopping on-line this year. :)

  22. Michelle Garcia says:

    Yes I plan on doing some Black Friday shopping but not anything crazy. 

  23. Yes definitely. Might go online shopping than going to the store.

  24. Are you going to be doing any Black Friday Shopping?  Probably not. I used to when I was younger but it’s too hyped up and too crowded for me.  Online shopping with ebates and cyber monday for me!

  25. No Black Friday shopping for me.

  26. this would help us have an xmas

  27. i am…just walmart though
    tcogbill at live dot com

  28. Cheryl Abdelnour says:


  29. Jackie Watson says:

    Only online if at all!

  30. I hope not lol. Unfortunately I end up out  there somewhere every year.

  31. Michelle Frame says:

    Probably not. I will be sleeping in on that day!

  32. Maria Aguilar says:

    yes i plan to go but nothing to extreme

  33. Michelle Knopp says:

    Every year I have a hundred reasons not to shop on Black Friday, but this year I’ll be out early.

  34. No black friday shopping form me

  35. Heather Wone says:

    Yes i am!!!

  36. Saving my dollars this year!

  37. Amanda Alvarado says:

    Nope! I won’t be venturing out until way later in the day!

  38. ami ferguson says:

    Heck yes i will be out shopping on black friday!! i cant wait!

  39. Tiffany McBaine says:

    Hubby and I go every year!

  40. staci noel says:

    I will be if I win one of these cards. Our budget is super tight this year

  41. I will be doing my Black Friday shopping online.

  42. The only shopping I will be doing that day is online. I would fight that mess for all the money in the world. Besides has better prices….♥

  43. Yes!  Love Shopping!

  44. I doubt I’ll be going out, but I think I’ll wait till Cyber Monday to do my shopping!

  45. Probably will wait for Internet deals on Monday!

  46. Leann Lindeman says:

    No shopping for me on Black Friday.

  47. Marty Harris says:

    No To much headache

  48. Jason Crooks says:

    I will just be hoping to get a couple of selected items on Black Friday. I really don’t like the huge crowds so I keep it to a minimum.

  49. Felicia.Gee says:

    I hhaven’t decided weather to brave the croads or not yet :/

  50. Unfortunately….yes….

  51. I am going out on Black Friday for a few things but nothing crazy- now that I have a bad back and my brother in law just had major surgery, we aren’t able to deal with the crowds. Therefore- online will be our best bet! :)

  52. Angela Cisco says:

    Nope, first year that I will not be. No money= no shopping for me :(

  53. online only

  54. Andrea conte says:

    I always do every year 😉

  55. Debra Sauvageau says:

    No Black Friday shopping for me

  56. There will be no shopping for me this year. No money 

  57. Leslie L. Stanziani says:

    I do not want to go out but my mom can not drive at night,so I guess I will be taking her.

  58. Not this year
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  59. No Black Friday shopping, it’s too crazy for my tastes.

  60. Rachel Briggs says:

    Yes indeed!  I’m starting my shopping on Thanksgiving, and probably won’t be done till Friday night!

  61. Not the early morning stuff but probably later in the day.

  62. We are going out on Thanksgiving night for some deals and a few on black friday.

  63. Vikki Billings says:

    I will not be doing Christmas shopping this year

  64. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:

    I will have to check the ads and see if it is worth the chaos

    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  65. Gretchen Baker says:

    I hope so! Having the car worked on and if there is any money left, then there will be shopping!

  66. Sadly, yes 

  67. I just check online for sales.

  68. I’m not sure yet, but probably not. 

  69. No, it’s too crowded.

  70. I never shop on Black Friday – too insane.

  71. john mains says:


  72. Kassie Doran says:

    No black friday for me! I’d like to stay OUT of the hospital, thank you!

  73. I will be, but mostly doing it online rather than in-store.

  74. Katie Knapp says:

    We may be…. it depends on my hubby’s check next week LOL  

  75. Probably, more likely to do cyber monday

  76. Laura Proctor Unger says:

    Yes, but only online.  The stores are too crazy for me!

  77. no i do not do black friday

  78. Only online.

  79. Nichole Herr says:

    Only doing Black Friday shopping online

  80. Rhonda Petersen says:

    No I’m working

  81. No. I have to work!

  82. A little shopping on BF but not as much as previous years.

  83. No way!  I’m more of a Cyber-Monday kind of gal.

  84. Denise Welch says:

    What a great prize help with cristmas

  85. We’re gonna go for the gusto!

  86. I have not decided yet. Still look at what will be on sale.

  87. Danielle Porter says:

    Nope! I will be sleeping!

  88. Not even if my life depended on it!

  89. Sarah Hall says:

    No, I’ll be babysitting my grandson.

  90. kelly nicholson says:

    Are you going to be doing any Black Friday Shopping?

    yes i am

  91. Ruben Ramos says:

    yea ill be buying a printer. and prob some cyber monday aswell.

  92. Cálaeb Temple says:

    only online.

  93. I don’t do Black Friday; however, I love to hear my brother-in-law tell stories of everything that happened to him while HE was shopping!

  94. Maybe for a laptop and flatscreen.

  95. Jessica Cote says:

    Not planning to go this year….Pretty much the same stuff as last year.

  96. Sharon Kaminski says:

    over the internet this year

  97. Yes, I will be heading out with my sisters for a few hours on Friday. 

  98. I’m doing my shopping on line. I’ve already done Black Friday for years. ime to relax and shopp without the hassle.
    Carol L

  99. Tracie Trump says:

    Maybe some online shopping, my fb is Michelle Trump and my email is

  100. No, I hate the crush of Black Friday. I’ll shop online mostly.

  101. Shakeela Springer says:

    I wish I could but I can’t right now but definitely next year.

  102. I am definitely doing black Friday shopping.

  103. No. I have bills to pay this Black Friday, so no shopping for me.

  104. I’ll probably just stand in line at the Dollar Store Thanksgiving morning, & maybe go to the Rite Aid.

  105. No thanks…. A little too hectic for me.

  106. Not this year

  107. Lucy Schwartz says:

    If I do any shopping on Black Friday , it will be on the Internet. Life is too short to be stampeded over a sweater ot whatever.

  108. I will do Black Friday shopping at normal hours, after all the crazy people have gone home.

  109. No, I don’t ever go shopping on Black Friday.

  110. Lexy Lawrence says:

    My shopping on Black Friday will be on the internet.

  111. I will NOT be doing black friday shopping…mostly because I can’t afford it, but also because without guaranteed deals, it’s really just a race that I don’t want to be in.

  112. Hopefully I will be :)

  113. Janell Smith says:

    Yes I will be out ans about on black friday ( gray thursday)

  114. My family and I are ready to take on some black Friday sales.

  115. I will wait until Cyber Monday:)

  116. Rebekah Mercier says:

    I dont plan on doing any Black Friday shopping. I plan on spending it with my kiddos.

  117. From the comfort of my own home :) I’m liking the pre-BF deals going on.

  118. I have no intention of fighting those angry mobs!

  119. no

  120. Steve Stone says:

    yes from my home on the computer

  121. I plan on doing a little shopping then.

  122. Kathleen M Smith says:


  123. Absolutely not doing any Black Friday shopping.

  124. definitely on my laptop

  125. I am going to wait till cyber monday.

  126. Mary Mirvis says:

    Probably not, too busy. Grad school applications are all due in the beginning of December!

  127. Husband will while I watch the kids.

  128. Marcia Goss says:

    Yes, I will probably be shopping Black Friday.

  129. I don’t really do Black friday shopping because I always work and the crowds are too much anyway.

  130. Jessica Vaughan Gengler says:

    I will not be shopping– not worth it!

  131. Richard Hicks says:

    I will definitely shop on black fri

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  132. I never shop on Black Friday and don’t intend on doing so this year. Even though there are some things that I would like to go out and get, I don’t want to brave all of the crowds, it scares me! Thanks so much for hosting this great giveaway!


  133. kathy pease says:

    not me i cant stand crowds i will shop online

  134. No, I don’t like crowded stores & rude people. I’d rather do my shopping online :)

  135. David Hollingsworth says:

    No, I can’t afford it, and also, I would rather do it online.

  136. Oh yes, wouldn’t miss it.

  137. Yes, I will be BF shopping!

  138. Jay Daugherty says:

    Not at all. I can’t stand it.

  139. I will be waiting in front of Kohls by 11pm Thanksgiving night to pick up a few christmas gifts

  140. Susan Smith says:

    Just from my home

  141. If I do, it will be from my computer.

  142. Debrah Lerma says:

    Yes I am going to shop at Big Lots and try to score the JVC video cameras for $ 14.88!

  143. jeanne conner says:

    I’ll be reading about it on my soft cozy couch…

  144. Kathy Bose says:

    I wil do mine on my computer.

  145. John Stetson says:

    I stay away from Black Friday sales, that’s when all the crazy people come out to shop.

  146. jessica schueler says:

    probably not but I will cyber Monday!

  147. Jacob LaFountaine says:

    I might shop

  148. Only online!

  149. Yes I will be shopping! Lots of shows on dvd will be 10 bucks or less.

  150. No. I worked in retail for many years and would never go to the stores on Black Friday!

    sandysaveseveryday AT gmail DOT com

  151. Alicia Sneed says:

    I’m definitely shopping on Black Friday this year!

  152. I’m going to be doing shopping online for Black Friday!  =)

  153. Lee Ann Kaplan says:

    probably not, but i am going to kmart on Thanksgiving at 6am to score some bogo board games :) 

  154. Cynthia Dubuque says:

    Depends on how my back and leg are feeling

  155. No I will not be doing any shopping on blacl friday, a little too omuch craziness for my liking. But, good luck to those who are going to try and get some good deals.

  156. tracee Bass says:

    yes I am heading out to the mass caos that night

  157. Maria Steckman says:

    My plans are to be home. I recently had surgery and can’t take chances on being injured on my shoulder andmy money situation makes it very difficult for me to go as well. I am trying to get assistance toget gifts for my children for gifts for the holidays this year. 

  158. Gaines Simmons says:

    Hello, how are you? Thank you for this opportunity. I will be shopping.

  159. Cathy Geiger says:

    I love to go shopping on Black Friday!!!  May not get to spend a lot but will spend wisely!!!

  160. Of course!  But I mostly go for people watching!

  161. Mindy Johnson says:

    Maybe online.  I hate large crowds.

  162. Yes, I will be shopping all of the Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday too!

  163. A little friday, and the rest for the independent businesses on sat! 

  164. if I do, it will just be online.

  165. I’m not planning on it. Not big on crowds.

  166. Veronica Garrett says:

    No, I gotta work.

  167. Sarah Davis says:

    No.  I can’t do any Christmas shopping at all this year.  

  168. shannon carter says:

    No, online only if that.

  169. If I do, it will be online. The crowds are too much for me to handle.

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