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My husband and I took the three kids swimming with their cousins last weekend.  They live just over in the next town, so we planned to make a day of it, swimming for several hours and then heading back to their house for dinner. Our kids always love hanging out with their cousins and were really excited about going.

When we got there, three of the four cousins were ready to swim. The fourth, a twelve-year-old girl, sat in a chair with a towel wrapped around her.  My kids love playing with her and asked her a few times to come in and swim, but she refused.


Swimming Pool Girl talk


Remembering a VERY similar incident in my own tween years, I asked my sister-in-law quietly if my niece was getting her period. My sister-in-law said that she was and that she’d been having a really difficult time with it. They had talked a little bit about it in the years before and my niece had even kept a stash of pads in her backpack and bathroom for whenever she finally needed them, but they hadn’t talked much more than that. She said that my niece never even told her that she’d started her period until she ran out of pads and needed more.  

I was so sad for my niece. I was sad that she didn’t feel comfortable enough to talk about getting her period to go to her mother and share such big news.  And I’m determined to do everything I can to make sure that my little girls will feel more comfortable when they eventually get their periods.


Girl Talk


I’ve already started talking to them about how their bodies will change as they grow.  They both saw my body change as I was pregnant with their baby brother and I’ve shared some basic information with them about getting periods. I’m very comfortable talking to them so hopefully they will see that and feel the same way.  I also think that starting to talk to them now will make it a lot easier to continue talking about periods and what to expect as they get older, instead of suddenly sitting them down to have “the talk”.

I’ve showed them what the U by Kotex Tween pads look like, with the fun colors and small, easy to transport wraps. I love the idea that my niece and sister-in-law had about keeping a few pads in a backpack and in the bathroom to be ready for the first period.  Once my daughter gets a little older, I’ll let her do the same. 

U by Kotex Tween Girl Talk

Great Tips for Tweens


There are lots of great tips on the U by Kotex Tween website for having great girl talk about periods. Here are a few of my favorite ideas:

Experiment with Products ~

  • Buy some different kinds of pads, liners, and tampons and play with them together. Pull them apart, dip them in water, and explore how they work so your daughter is comfortable handling and using them if she’s on her own.

Have a Little Fun ~

  • Plan a girl’s day for just the two of you. Have a home spa day by painting your nails or doing your hair. Talk with your daughter about what it means to be a woman.

Code Word ~

  • Let your daughter know that she can let you know that her period has started in person, through text or e-mail with the use of a code word if it makes her more comfortable. Plan for what she should do if her first period happens when you’re not around, like when she’s in school.


To see all of these great tips and more ways to plan a comfortable girl talk with your daughter, check out U by Kotex Tween. A great spot for tweens to get information and reassurance from stories of experiences like their own is the Hello Period page for tweens.


I wrote this review while participating in a Brand Ambassador Campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of U by Kotex Tween and received products to facilitate my post and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.



  1. Laura Eppler says:

    Thank you for this post. My niece is getting close to this and shes been freaked out about it lately. She came to me to ask questions and this post has helped me with ideas on what to tell her.

  2. Such a great idea. I remember how awkward period talks seemed when I was a tween and it’s so honorable that your making such an effort to make it more comfortable for your girls.

  3. Jenni Orteson says:

    These are some great ideas. I’m not looking forward to having the talk, but like having some ideas and sites to look at. THank you.

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