Glad Black Bag – Turn Your Trash to Treasure

If you have ever had a trash bag break or leak, especially with wet, dripping items inside, you know how important it is to use a reliable bag.  I have been using Glad trash bags since I lived in an apartment by myself many years ago. After several episodes of cleaning drops from rotten, smelly food that dripped of my trash bag all the way from my kitchen trash across the living room and out to the dumpster, I realized that I just couldn’t buy the cheap, inferior bags ever again.  That’s even more true now that I have a family of five creating the trash we put in our bags.
Besides the fact that Glad trash bags are strong and reliable, I like them for something else.  The Glad Black Bag has become my new favorite cleaning item.  I have made many attempts in the past to get the house more organized, but whenever I tried to donate old clothes or toys, someone would get upset and/or take the items back out of my bags.  The Glad Black Bag is the perfect (and yes, slightly obvious) solution.  No one sees what’s in it and decides later that they can’t live without the item, not even me!
I now have four Glad Black Bags at a time that I use when I work on the house, one for trash, one for donating, one for garage sales  and one for recycling.  As I go through the house, I put things in and we never see them again.  The bags are super strong, so I can easily put toys, clothes, hangers, old shoes and everything else in without worrying about the bag tearing.  I’m working on the 40 bags in 40 days right now and am not seeing anything come back out once it’s in one of my Glad Black Bags.
Glad® Black Bag recently teamed up with famous mosaic artist Jason Mecier, Keep America Beautiful and the Picker Sisters to raise money for Keep America Beautiful’s Great America Cleanup. Lots of television stars donated their own items to be used in the project for this great cause and it was a huge success.
Check out some of the amazing art pieces that were auctioned off.  It’s incredible how cool these pictures look when you realize all of the recycled items that were actually used to make them!
In the spirit of creating something beautiful from something old, I made my own “Trash to Treasure” creation.  I have been cleaning up the girls’ princess dress-up clothes and accessories and have found lots of broken plastic necklaces, old worn out and dirty feather boas, broken plastic shoes, etc. The girls didn’t want the items any more so I was planning to throw them all out, but realized that some of the items might make a great crafting project.
The main item that I used was the old white feather boa that the girls used to use for dress-up.  It’s seen much better days, with lots of featherless areas and a couple of slightly dirty spots too.  I decided that with a little creative twisting to hide the bare and dirty spots I could make a cute wreath. I didn’t have any foam wreath forms around the house, so I looked in the trash and recycling bins to see if I could find anything round that would work.  And I did!  
This is the top edge of a large flowerpot we used to have on our back deck. The pot fell off in a bad windstorm and broke on the ground 1 story down. I had thrown the pieces of the pot in the trash, but realized the top piece was the perfect size for a wreath.  
I wrapped the flowerpot piece with the white boa, being sure to hide the worn spots.
When I finished, I added a few of the girls’ butterfly pins we got from Michael’s years ago. We’ve used the butterflies in all sorts of projects and they’re a little beat up, but would look fine for one last project.
I added the butterflies around the wreath, twisting the wires on the butterfly pins behind the boas to keep them on.
Here is the final product! I hung the wreath up on the playroom wall near the girls’ princess stuff.  It looks so cute and girly and my daughters love it!  They both want me to make one for their rooms to hang over their headboards now.

I love the idea of making art from recycled items.  I had a great time on my project and am going to be looking more carefully at what I can use from the recycling for more projects in the future.  I may even try an animal like those by Jason Mecier!  :)

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Glad Black Bag and received a Glad Black Bag product, a craft kit and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.



  1. Very cute princess wreath. I love making homemade stuff too!

  2. I use Glad trash bags too. I love that they’ve teamed up with others for the Keep America Clean program.

  3. Very cute wreath, what a great idea!

  4. marissa lee says:

    i love that wreath it is so cute.

  5. Jaime Brown says:

    I also try to make things out of recycled stuff, it is fun to see what you can create from just “garbage”, your wreath is very cute thank you for sharing it with us:)

  6. Janet W. says:

    Those animals are amazing and your wreath turned out great! Now I’m going to be looking around to see what I can make from recycled items!

  7. Robin Wilson says:

    I have a box of little odds and ends that I keep rather than throwing out. I let my niece use them to make projects when she comes over. The last one was a crayon holder that she made from an empty oatmeal container. I just love the wreath!

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