Halloween Party Checklist Printable

I love Halloween! I look forward to decorating the house every year, picking out costumes with the kids and getting everyone dressed up and having a great time trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. And I also love Halloween parties!

I have a small group of friends that I’ve become close to over the past couple of years and we love to have Holiday parties.  We take turns hosting and it’s always a lot of fun. Sometimes we have family parties and will cook out and let the kids play together and then watch a movie in their pajamas. Other times we’ll all get babysitters and have a grown-ups only cocktail party.

This year, my friend Kim and I are hosting a Halloween party together. We’ve had a great time thinking up crazy cocktails, game ideas, decorations and food ideas and I know the party is going to be a blast!

To help keep the planning straight, I made a fun little Halloween Party Checklist to help us remember what we need to buy:


Halloween Party Checklist


I love to whip up fun list to keep track of things and a colored, themed one is always more fun than plain!  :)

As you’ve heard me mention before, when I’m printing out my fun, colorful lists and projects, I want my colors to be vibrant, bright and true. I also want them to stay that way and not fade after I’ve had the list for a while. So I print everything on my HP printer with HP Ink.  


Halloween Party Checklist free printable - everything you'll need for a frightfully good time! #DIY #Printable #Halloween #party


I took part in an actual printer ink test a few months ago and printed out photos with HP Ink and another ink. The HP Ink was a truer color, looked better and stayed bold without faded in every test. 

Want to plan a Halloween party? Download your own Halloween Party Checklist!


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  1. Very cool! I love halloween and that looks like a great list, and a fun party. Am I invited? 😉

  2. heather hayes panjon says:

    Awesome Checklist ! Very Helpful :)

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