How To Make Cupcakes – Gorgeous Bakery Cupcakes

How to Make Bakery Cupcakes


How to Make Bakery Style Cupcakes


Ever wondered how the fancy cupcake shops make those beautiful cupcakes? 

It’s actually very easy if you know how!


Step 1: Frost cupcakes lightly with a small amount of icing, building a base for the decorative icing to sit on. You can use store-bought cans of icing if you’d like.



Step 2: Use a Wilton 1M Swirl (or similar) Icing tip.  Screw into an icing bag or drop into an icing bag with the very end cut off.  The Wilton tip can usually be found at Michaels, AC Moore and Wal-Mart.



Step 3: Using constant pressure on your icing bag, begin at the outside edge of the cupcake. Make a swirl of icing by circling around the outside edge of the cupcake, then moving slightly in each time around. Release pressure on icing bag once you get to the middle.



Step 4:  If you’d like to add any sprinkles, decorations or toppers, do it now before the icing sets.  Once the icing sets and becomes harder the toppings will not stick.



Step 5:  Add a decorative cupcake wrapper from a local baking supply store, craft store or online.  I found the Ice Cream Cone wrappers used in these photos at Roundabouts. Put on a fancy plate and Voila! You’ve got gorgeous bakery-style cupcakes!



Have gorgeous cupcakes you’d love to show off?  Leave a link below so we can all see!





  1. I had no idea that I should do a first layer before the decorative one! That, and I’m using a tip that’s too small. But here are my “beachy” cupcakes:

    I’ll have to try them again now that I know the tricks of the trade!

    • I love those beachy cupcakes! I’ll have to try those someday.

      And your little girl and baby are beautiful! Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous family. :)

  2. Those look gorgeous and so professional. Who knew it was so easy. I actually have some cake tips that I will use.

    I am a new follower from the Sunday Showcase. If you have a chance stop by and say hi at

  3. Chelle Martinson says:

    These look just like the ones at the bakery in my office building. I never realized I could do them myself! Thanks!

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