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Our kids are too young to have their own laptops, smart phones and tablets.

But if you asked me to name a day that my kids didn’t at least use one of our tech gadgets for a few minutes, I’d have a hard time answering. It’s part of the technological age we live in. Kids know how to play games, watch videos and even chat with each other – even kids as young as our toddler son.


Keeping Tech Products Safe From Little Hands


We don’t mind the kids using our tech gadgets. Everything they play or watch is monitored and almost always educational, so we’re fine with them spending a little bit of time using our tablet, laptop or smart phone each day.

But what we do mind is how the kids handle our tech products.

No matter how many times I’ve reminded him to carry the tablet with two hands, I see my toddler forget sometimes. And despite the fact that I’ve told the girls that tech products go on a table or desk when not in use, I’ve found them on a couch, a bed or the floor from time to time.

We teach and remind the kids to treat our belongings with respect and with care, but it doesn’t always happen. And even when everyone is being as careful as they can, accidents do happen.


Protecting Your Belongings SIMPLR


There are some products in our house that we use so often, we’d really not want to have to go without them. If you’ve ever wondered how to protect the products you love, there’s finally an easy solution.

With SIMPLR™, we don’t have to worry.

SIMPLR Enjoy Your Stuff

 SIMPLR™ plans are sold by trusted retailers across the country and are a convenient way to protect the products you love. SIMPLR™ covers accidental damage on your tech products – everything from drops to spills, and even cracked screens on tablets and laptops. (Some limitations and exclusions. See terms and conditions for details.)

And it’s super easy to use. Just follow three simple steps: 1. Register at, 2. File an online claim, 3. Pack & ship or schedule repair, 4. Smile!  :)




There are so many things to worry about in life. Keeping your products working shouldn’t be one of them.

SIMPLR™ makes it easy to keep the products you love loving you back. With no additional fees, deductibles or repair costs, SIMPLR™ makes it easy to protect your tech products.


SIMPLR No Deductibles


Want to know more?

See how SIMPLR works in this cute video:




To register your tech products or to learn more, head over to It’s that simple!





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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf SIMPLR™

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  1. The Simplr plan would help me have peace of mind when my electronic devices break Thank you!

  2. Margaret P. says:

    I think this would be useful because it covers power surge damage.

  3. Margaret P. says:

    Cute video!  I loved the animated backgrounds :)

  4. This would protect me as this plan covers much more than electronic devices, it covers general merchandise and jewelry as well :)

  5. I liked the video because, as it says, it was made by consumers for consumers :)

  6. It would help me protect my electronic devices and general merchandise also.

  7. I like the animated background in the video. 

  8. David Balkin says:

    I was amused the guy’s fishing pole broke. Seems like my luck rubbed off on him a bit.

  9. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says:

    I love that it seems like a one stop shop for all of my electronics/valuables!  I hate keeping track of all our protection plans!

  10. This seems like a great product. I have all kinds of portable devices at our house and would like to use this protection.

  11. James Robert says:

    Bad day with pole breaking and all but pizza after a bad day makes it a bit better and no out of pocket expenses can sure help

  12. Christina Kelbel says:

    This could be helpful to us because my 6 year old son is also very into tech gadgets and also leaves them all over the house. He has dropped them but luckily has not broken any. His father has broken more than he has. lol

  13. Christina Kelbel says:

    I liked the video, the background was my favorite part.

  14. I love the fact that it covers alot of products — not just electronics!  That would be a great help with household items and other items too like lawnmowers!

  15. I liked the video because it was down to earth and easy to follow.

  16. Cathy French says:

    The Simplr plan would be beneficial to me because I’m not financially able to replace or repair appliances or electronic gadgets

  17. Cathy French says:

    I liked the video because even the animation portrays simple things like the small swimming pool to enhance the Simplr idea

  18. Emily Adams says:

    I really need this to protect my electronic devices, I love that it doesn’t have any added fees.

  19. Emily Adams says:

    I love the video it has such cute animations.

  20. Sharon Schoepe says:

    I have kids who love using electronic devices but are very hard on them. They have been dropped more times than I can count. This would give me peace of mind

  21. Sharon Schoepe says:

    I liked that the video was easy to understand and had a cute animated background

  22. Jessica Z says:

    I liked how the pole snap and the front slid into the water.  Cute video!

  23. Alex Liz robinson says:

    I think this sounds like a great product. I like that they are available 24/7 first of all. I also like that after 3 repairs they will replace it.

  24. It was pretty to-the-point and i appreciate that, rather than longer commercials that are too theatrical and slow to the point. The live action against the simple animation was pretty appealing, too.

  25. Heather B says:

    This would be great to have especially on my children’s electronics! They are so rough on them.

  26. i like that it covers a variety of products!

  27. i thought the video was cute -looks like something that would happen to my hubby

  28. This would be useful since it covers power surge damage.

  29. The cartoon backgrounds on the video are great!

  30. Michelle C says:

    This seems like a great idea, especially since we have several devices and a couple of little kids!

  31. Michelle C says:

    Love how the video is a mix of people and sketched backgrounds. Cute idea.

  32. It’s a consumer created product.

  33. it would put me at ease if something broke.
    i worry about that.

  34. Jessica H. says:

    I love the fact that if they repair something three times for the same reason they will replace the item for free.  Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  35. Jessica H. says:

    I loved how funny the video was.  Also, I would have loved this a little while ago, because my daughter broke her pole fishing!  Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  36. angela smith says:

    sounds like it would be great to have if you broke something.especially when you dont have the money to replace things like electronics

  37. angela smith says:

    the video was cute and easy to understand

  38. It needs to be purchased within 30 days and can be gotten Fred Meyer.

  39. Protects sporting equipment and tvs.

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