i Caught Santa – Proof of the Man in Red!

My older daughter is already starting to ask questions about Santa’s existence.  She’s getting suspicious way too early, I think, and I’m determined to keep Santa alive as long as I can. (Well, not until she’s in high school or anything.)

I think an actual photo of Santa in our family room with our presents and stockings will do the trick, huh?  Maybe get me a couple more years at least.  :)



iCaughtSanta.com is the coolest website lets you make your own Santa photos.   In just three steps you can upload a holiday photo, add Santa Claus and print it out.  Or you can share it online with Facebook and Twitter.

Head over to iCaughtSanta.com and see for yourself.  You can even buy Gift Cards and eGift Certificates for your loved ones with kids.  They’d make a great last minute gift!  Right now you can even get 50% off of your order with the code SANTA50!




  1. My baby is only twelve days old, so I used I Caught Santa to get her first picture with Santa! :)

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