IKEA Brighter Lives for Refugees – A Challenge


A few weeks ago, we had a tornado come through our small town. There wasn’t much damage, thank goodness, but much of the town was without power through most of the night.

And although we’re prepared for small emergencies, with flashlights and candles, we weren’t really prepared for extended hours without lights. It was an interesting experience with three kids who are young and very used to having lights whenever they want them.

So when I was given the chance to participate in IKEA’s Brighter Lives for Refugees Campaign, I really wanted to participate.


IKEA Brighter Lives for Refugees


IKEA Brighter Lives for Refugees

From February 3 through March 29, 2014, IKEA will be donating one euro ($1.37) to the UN refugee agency UNHCR for every IKEA LEDARE – LED light bulb sold. Those funds will be used to help people in UNHCR refugee camps in countries including Ethiophia, Jordan, Chad and Bangladesh. In addition to indoor solar lanterns and solar street lights, IKEA’s campaign will also provide other renewable energy technologies like fuel efficient cooking stoves and will also be used to improve primary education.


Children in Refugee Camp


The Difference a Light Can Make

The lack of light after sunset can have a devastating effect on those living in refugee camps. Even the most basic of activities like collecting water or using the toilet can be needlessly dangerous and difficult. The darkness can be especially dangerous for women and girls.

With the funds from the Brighter Lives for Refugees campaign, each camp will be made more suitable and safe for refugee families and children.



Improvements from the Brighter Lives for Refugees will mean:

•     Solar street lights will improve safety in the refugee camps and help reduce the risk of crime, sexual and gender-based violence.
•     Solar street lights will help improve lives in the refugee camps by enabling more community gatherings and social activities.
•     Solar lanterns will allow girls and boys in refugee camps to study after dark, improving their performance and results in school.
•     Solar lanterns will enable refugees to continue their income-producing activities after dark, including weaving and sewing.
•     Solar lanterns will allow refugees to run their small shops and kiosks into the evening, which will increase the prospect of generating a sustainable income.


Ethiopia Refugee Camps


One Night Without Lights Challenge

In an effort to help raise awareness about what it’s like to go without lights like those in the refugee camps, I’m accepting the challenge. I’ll be going one entire night without lights of any kind. Then the next light, my only light source will be a solar-powered LED lantern from IKEA.

The One Night Without Lights Challenge starts on Tuesday, February 18th. Once I’ve completed the challenge, I’ll be sharing my experience, my thoughts and more information on LED lighting like those used in the Brighter Lives for Refugees campaign.


Be sure to stay turned to see how we do! I’m looking forward being a part of such a meaningful campaign and can’t wait to share it with you!




I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.



  1. What a wonderful campaign. It’s so easy to take for granted things we have at our disposal. Maybe we’ll join in the challenge as well.

  2. I love IKEA.  I think it is great that they are bringing light to the plight of those in refugee camps.

  3. I applaud both IKEA and you for doing this! Everyone should unplug and turn out their lights more often!

  4. Isn’t it incredible how even something like light, that we take for granted, can be life changing for others?

  5. It’s such an amazing campaign.

  6. Love Ikea there is always something really unique there. Such a wonderful step toward helping others love it

  7. I love Ikea. I had not heard about the Brighter Lives for Refugees’ global initiative and One Night Without Lights Challenge. Glad to see such meaningful things happening in the world which can seem so hopeless at times.

  8. I will surely forget about lights out, but it makes me more amenable to buying my kitchen cabinets from IKEA. They are on my short list.

  9. Awesome to be part of this campaign with Ikea and Collectivebias Very thrilled to be working with this company!

  10. I’m so spoiled I could only do a night without lights if I was already in bed! Great cause. Good for IKEA.

  11. Love iKea, love this campaign!! 

  12. I love that Ikea is reaching out to make a difference!  Wish they would come to vegas!

  13. That is a wonderful cause. We do take a lot for granted, at least my teenager does…

  14. What a cool campaign! People are more aware of things like food and water as necessities, but things as basic as light really have a huge impact and health and safety.

  15. I heard about this campaign and was definitely thinking of doing it with the family so they can see and appreciate all that they have. Though there have been times when this has happened involuntarily thanks to Hurricanes.

  16. This is a really neat campaign. I cannot imagine being without lights for an extended period of time. We are so spoiled!

  17. What a great cause! I wish we had an IKEA here.

  18. Unfortunately we don’t have an Ikea here in Las Vegas, but I have had the opportunity to visit one and really loved the selection they had to offer. It’s great to know they’re doing things to help others!

  19. Alicia K says:

    good for IKEA for making a difference!

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