I’m Having Their Baby Premiere TONIGHT – Live Chat & Giveaway!


Are you ready for tonight’s premiere of I’m Having Their Baby??

Oxygen’s brand new show starts tonight at 11pm EST and I’m ready!  

Following moms as they make the heart-wrenching decision about whether or not to place their babies up for adoption, I’m Having Their Baby is going to give us a up-close and personal look at the journey these women take.

These moms share why they feel like placing the baby for adoption might be the best choice and admit that they sometimes don’t think they’ll be able to follow through with their decision. One woman is afraid to be a single mom, another is pregnant from an affair and others worry that they’re too young or not financially able to give the baby the life it deserves.


I’m going to be front and center when it starts tonight, so join me and we can chat about it online!  Just tune to I’m Having Their Baby on Oxygen this coming Monday (July 23rd) at 11pm EST and then pop online to http://www.oxygenlive.com/ so we can chat LIVE while we watch the show!  FUN!  :)


Learn more about I’m Having Their Baby and the moms who are sharing their stories.

Catch the latest news and chat about I’m Having Their Baby on Facebook and Twitter.

What do you think?  Will you watch?



$100 Visa Gift Card Giveaway

To enter the $100 VISA gift card giveaway here on A Helicopter Mom, just follow the instructions below and help us share the news about this great new show on Oxygen!


There are lots of fun ways to gain entries to this contest, so do as many as you’d like!  The person who earns the most entries will win the $100 VISA card.

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  7. Join me in the live chat on Monday night  (July 23rd) at 11pm EST at http://www.oxygenlive.com/. Be sure to add @ahelicoptermom to your chat comments so I can see them and include those entries.
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There are lots of similar giveaways on other (many much bigger) blogs. This is one JUST for A Helicopter Mom. I’m smaller, so you have a better chance of winning here.  😉

Giveaway ends on July 25th at 12 noon EST.  If you have any questions, please email me at ahelicoptermom{at}gmail{dot}com.

Good Luck!




  1. Thanks for the chance- https://twitter.com/vivaciousgold/status/227435467463868416 – tweeted

  2. Kelly King says:
  3. Kelly King says:
  4. Jamie Brigham says:
  5. Jamie Brigham says:
  6. watchinAm not sure how to do the tweets but am following. Such a different array of pregnancy situations on the show. 

  7. Theresa J says:
  8. Theresa J says:

    Looking forward to watching the show

  9. Theresa J says:
  10. I loved the show and can’t wait to watch it again. Thanks for introducing it to me, had it not been for your blog I wouldn’t have know about this show.

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