Insect Photo – The Most Horrifying Thing I’ve Ever Seen

You’ve seen me post before about how roaches are the nastiest things in the world.  I still feel that way, haven’t changed my mind, but now have to add another, even more horrifying bug to my list of fears. Check out this insect photo…




It is MASSIVE.  I was walking barefoot across the screened-in porch and almost stepped on it! OMG! I would have had a heart attack and then a stroke and then another heart attack.

It turned out to be dead and I was still terrified of it.  When I was trying to take pictures of it, the wind kept blowing it over and blowing it closer to me.  I was out on the porch screaming and taking pictures while my husband and three kids sat on the couch and laughed at me through the window.

Doesn’t it look like some sort of Maniacal Gonzo Killer Bug?!?






So I now know that these bugs exist. And are living in my yard and on my porch and may have possibly gotten into the house.  I’ve been sleeping with the light on at night since then, hoping they don’t like light.

If I ever disappear and you all can’t find me, please let the authorities know that I was probably carried off into the woods by some of these monster-bugs….




  1. OMG! That is so frightening! I sure hope we don’t have any of those in Georgia. It looks like an alien from a movie!

  2. Buffi Neal says:

    eww! I totally agree, I can’t stand bugs

  3. Karen Propes says:

    My goodness, I hope we don’t have any of those here in NC,. We do have some strange and scary ones.  It’s like the prehistoric area is fastly advancing towards us.  I think if we stopped digging up so much, those little buggers would stand way under. Good Luck, I would  definitely  wear shoes for a while just in case.

    • AH! I’m in NC! Hope you’re not near Raleigh! :O

      • I lived in Raleigh for 10 years and though that was 2 decades ago I still remember it so fondly; this might make that longing dissipate a bit! Two things Denver does not have as much of as NC; bugs and humidity. Think I’ll stay put. :)

  4. Those pincers looks so scary!!!

  5. That is one scary bug!

  6. Katherines Corner says:

    Ewww…I’ll trade you a big black snake that keeps showing up in our yard for your prehistoric looking beetle. xo P.S. my new giveaway posted today :-)

  7. I saw this post in my SU stream and had to check it out. I am laughing at the thought of you having to flip him back up so he could get photographed.

  8. That looks like a stag beetle to me. That would creep me out too but is probably a little more tame than the scorpions we have here.

  9. Ewww, that is nasty!  I lived down south in Louisiana for a few years when I was a kid and I know they had enormous gross bugs when we were there.  I would’ve been screaming too taking those pictures!  You are a true blogger to immediately whip out your camera and start taking picture’s! lol  

  10. I might just have nightmares of this creepy thing.

  11. Tanya White says:

    eww I hate bugs, and this one looks super scary but I have to admit your post made me laugh


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