Joovy Foocot – The Perfect Camp Cot and Travel Bed

In just the last 4 weeks, my family has been out of town 3 times. We’ve stayed in hotels or at a relative’s house for 15 out of the last 35 nights. That’s a lot of traveling and a lot of sleeping away from our own beds.

Obviously we don’t travel as often during the school year as we have this summer break, but we do love to be able to take lots of small trips throughout the year. When we had just the little girls, that was easy. We could always find a hotel with 2 queen beds and the girls would share a bed.  But now that we have the baby, it can be a lot harder to fit 5 people in a hotel room or relative’s house.  He sleeps in a pack-and-play now, but it’s big and takes up a lot of room. We usually have to move furniture out of the way to be able to open it.

The Joovy Foocot is the answer to our family’s traveling problems. 



Joovy Foocot


The foocot is perfect for families with small children because of its easy flexibility and portability. It is lightweight and folds up into a small travel bag complete with strap so it can go everywhere your child goes.  It’s great for traveling to hotels or grandma’s house, daycare, sleepovers with friends, cruises, camping and naptime.  It supports children up to 48″ tall or 75lbs and is made with a sturdy steel frame and top grade nylon fabric. Each Foocot comes with a nice 100% cotton fitted sheet.

The great travel bag with strap:

The Foocot and sheet fold up compactly to fit in the travel bag.

The Joovy Foocot unfolds easily without any buttons, switches or latches. It collapses just as easily when you’re ready to pack it back into the travel bag.

The Joovy Foocot comes with a fitted 100% cotton sheet:


I love the Foocot! I kept my daughters in a pack-n-play longer than I probably should have simply because of the convenience. They were too small to sleep up on the hotel bed but getting a little too long to sleep comfortably in a pack-n-play. The Joovy Foocot would have been perfect for those days and will be great once our little boy gets a little bigger. It even has two storage pockets on the sides for favorite books, lovies, snacks or a flashlight.

My daughter loves it too!  She’s wanted to take her nap on it every day since it arrived!



If you’d like more information about the Foocot and lots of other awesome products for kids, check out the Joovy website.  Like Joovy on Facebook and Follow @JoovyOO on Twitter for the latest updates and information!



I received a Foocot to facilitate this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own.





  1. Janet W. says:

    This is the neatest product! I haven’t seen anything else like it before. Perfect for my two grandsons!

  2. This sounds like a great product and so easy to transport!

  3. Wow! This thing looks awesome. Are you sure I can’t sleep on it, too? 😉

  4. Danielle Papsis says:

    It’s a great solution for naptime too :)

  5. Jan Messali says:

    It’s great that it comes with a cotton sheet specially fitted to it. This cot would be so handy.

  6. Rebecca Wood says:

    I love the travel bag! That’s really neat!

  7. I need one of these! My son has his cousin over for sleepovers but he always has to sleep on the floor! Poor guy! It would be great for him to have a Foocot to sleep on!

  8. Jessica says:

    I recently got the Foocot. Needed it for our vacation for our toddler. He loves it. I’m a big fan of all Joovy products.

  9. Laura Love says:

    This is great. It would work awesomely on our family camping trips. and I love how easy it is to pack and unpack

  10. This looks awesome for sleepovers at the grandparent’s house!

  11. Love the matching blanket. Now if only they just made this cots for grown ups!

  12. She looks so comfy! I love the orange color and how easy it is to set up and put away!

  13. love that its so portable and easy

  14. desiree says:

    i got couple f diffrnt this for this camping and sitting kid hey do not like to sleep

  15. Meghan Finley says:

    Looks portable and easy to clean

  16. Cute! I really like the idea of this. My son hates his pack and play but I worry about him in a huge bed when we travel. The Foocot would solve the problem!

  17. Alexandra Pitcher says:

    Love the colors and portability. Such a practical and cute way to travel with kids. My son would love one. 

  18. I absolutly love this. Could really have used this last weekend when was niece was at my house

  19. Seyma Shabbir says:

    Love the footcot. My little one still wants to sleep with me so this would be great when we travel or stay at friends and there is no room, my son can sleep nearby.

  20. Cassandra Eastman says:

    Great review! Now I need this for my 3 year old! He would love to have his own “space” to sleep when we travel… It looks so comfy and I love how easy it is to fold and go!

  21. Meaghan McD says:

    This would be great for grandmas!

  22. Meaghan McD says:

    We could use this for grandmas!

  23. love the colors they come in…will be perfect for our 3 year old grandson when he spends the night…he wants to be with us in the same room

  24. Really like easy fold and store

  25. I like that it is easy to set up and take down. Those darn pack and plays can be a pain

  26. ronda peyton says:

    this would be great for the grandkids when they come over

  27. I like that it folds and unfolds so easy and is very compact to carry or store until needed 

  28. I like that it has the sheet and everything together to take with you! The kids look so comfy too! Thanks for the great review!!!

  29. Jessica says:

    This is great! I loved your review. 

  30. Sylvia Esparza says:

    This would be perfect when my granddaughter comes to visit. She won’t sleep on the couch, ends up in my bed and is a crazy sleeper. LOL  Needless to say, I get up even more tired.  

  31. chelesa sims says:

    Aw ,shes sound asleep. This is  such a great product that i want. I look be looking into it.

  32. donna harris says:

    Really neat to slept over at grandmas house.

  33. Carol L says:

    Thanks for the review and pics. I love the portability of this cot. How easy to transport. This is perfect for trips and overnight stays. Thanks again.
    Carol L.
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  34. Christa Krebs says:

    This is just such a cool idea, I really want to get some of these for our home (for visiting kids) and for my own kids when traveling out of town!

  35. bronwyn says:

    this is so cool! i WANT one!

  36. Diane Sallans says:

    wonderful that it can encourage naps!

  37. That looks so useful!

  38. Coupon Slavy says:



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