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My younger daughter’s hair causes more grief than almost anything else I know.  When I brush her hair, she cries.  Every single day.  She has strange hair. It looks straight, but is really thick and gets tangled within a few minutes of brushing.  We’ve tried everything from conditioner and leave-in conditioner to cutting her hair shorter, but nothing has helped.

I’d heard of the Knot Genie brush from a hairdresser a few months ago.  When I told him about my daughter’s hair, he said it was the only brush he knew of that was perfect for really tangled hair.  He told me he’d bought one for his niece at a local kids’ salon, so after my appointment, I rushed to buy one.  They were out and I have been planning to get back over there to buy one.

When I got the chance to try a Knot Genie, I jumped at it.  I hate making my little girl cry every morning, and anything that can help us is wonderful!

The Knot Genie arrived and didn’t look like any brush I’d seen before.  There is no handle, you just hold onto the actual brush.  The bristles are small rubbery teeth that are flexible and move with the hair instead of snagging in a tangle. 



I am so, so happy to say…


My daughter loves it!  She doesn’t cry at all when I use the Knot Genie, so we’re both thrilled with it.  I’m planning to buy a couple more so I can have one upstairs, one downstairs and one in my purse.  She still has crazy hair, but now I can brush it whenever I need to without a battle and lots of tears.

I absolutely recommend the Knot Genie if you have a child with difficult hair. We won’t be using any other brush on my younger daughter’s hair now that we’ve tried Knot Genie.

If you’re interested in trying this awesome brush, check out Knot Genie on Facebook!


I received a Knot Genie product in order to faciliate this review. All opinions are my own.



  1. You just may be our savior! *a*’s hair is so thick and has just enough wave to it to make it easily tangled. We’ve been doing better with the meltdowns since she reached the age that she can brush her hair herself, but it’s still not a perfect system. I’ll check this out! Thanks!

  2. jennifer c says:

    That looks pretty cool. I’m going to have to see if I can still find it.

  3. Karen Propes says:

    So glad I saw this, my daughter had natural curly hair and we spent hours and a box of tissues just to get it all brushed out. My DH did a better job than me, patience. But this would have saved us so much and her head wouldn’t have been so sore. So now my Granddaughter has curly hair, didn’t get it from my side of the family, but I am going to get her one so she can save the pain of our precious little angel’s head; she hates to get her hair brushed. Thanks for posting it. I know it was posted years ago but it really helped me, to know about it. One more little head saved and a savings on tissues too (lol).

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