Leap Frog Touch Magic Rock N Learn

My older daughter takes guitar lessons. She’s not playing a lot of songs yet, but she knows some chords and that’s enough to look good “rocking out” when the kids play band.  We don’t let the other kids use the guitar because it’s too big and expensive to be bumped around, so their always looking for objects to play guitar with.


LeapFrog Touch Magic


So when we got the chance to host a Touch Magic Rock and Learn Party sponsored by Leap Frog, we were sooooo excited!

My older daughter wrote out the invitations and each child invited 2 friends. The girls helped me set up the table with Leap Frog products and activities and we all decorated the room.


Leap Frog Touch Magic Rock N Learn Party

We were finally able to get the Touch Magic Learning Bus and two Touch Magic Rockin’ Guitars out for the party. It was soooo hard to make my kids wait for the party to play with them!


Leap Frog Touch Magic Party


Finally, our friends started to arrive and it was party time!  A couple of the guests were running a little late, so I let the kids start the party off with some fun Leap Frog activities.

They colored pictures and made fun animal masks.  Afterwards, the kids each got an award for doing a great job and reaching “Rock Star Status”.

Leap Frog Touch Magic Party


As the kids finished up their coloring activities, we had a little snack before moving on to the Touch Magic fun.


Leap Frog Touch Magic Party


The high point of the party for the big kids wanted to do was play the Touch Magic guitars, of course.  We did a few solos to let everyone warm up and then we played “Rock Band” with two people playing the Touch Magic guitars at the same time.

The kids really loved the guitars and had a lot of fun playing with them. There are a bunch of songs they know that they can choose from, like The Alphabet Song, Itsy Bitsy Spider and Pop Goes the Weasel. If the kids strum the guitar fast, the song plays faster and when they slow down the music slows, so it made the kids feel like they were really playing. They loved adding funny sounds, drums and even applause sounds after they finished a song.
Leap Frog Touch Magic Guitar Rock Stars

While the big kids were rocking on the guitars, the younger kids were more drawn to the Learning Bus. They sat on the floor around it and had a ball playing songs and making letter sounds. It was easy to use and would react to just the lightest touch from one of the children, which is really important with the younger kids who are still learning to manipulate buttons and knobs on toys.

When it was time for the party to end, each guest got a fun goody bag with more LeapFrog activity pages and some sweet treats too.


Leap Frog Goody Bags


Our LeapFrog Touch Magic Rock N Learn party was a huge hit! Everyone loved both the Rockin’ Guitar and the Learning Bus and my kids have been playing with them daily since the party. I would definitely recommend them (as well as every other LeapFrog product we’ve ever bought)!  :)


Be sure to check out these fun LeapFrog Touch Magic Toys online at LeapFrog.com!

Both toys are sold at major retailers and online and in stores.  The LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin’ Guitar and LeapFrog Touch Magic Learning Bus are both on sale on Amazon right now for $21.79 down from $24.99!



Rockin' Guitar Video Contest


LeapFrog has the “Touch Magic Rockin’ Guitar” Contest going right now, giving you a chance to win a $500 gift card! Just upload a video of your child jamming and having fun with the Touch Magic Rockin’ Guitar (or your own play guitar).

Visit www.touchmagic.leapfrog.com for contest information. This contest runs through November 30th, so be sure to enter soon!



I received LeapFrog products to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.



  1. Heather Stewart says:

    It certainly looks like ya’ll had a great time! We recently bought the Touch Magic Rockin’ Guitar for our youngest son’s 3rd birthday. His older brother has a Paper Jam and he was always trying to lug that thing around and play it but it was just too big. I knew when I saw the TMRG on the shelf in Target it was definitely going to be his birthday gift. He loves it! Thanks for the info about the contest. Now, how to choose which cute video to upload? :-)

    • I forgot to mention how light it is – even my 2 year old can hold it and play it.

      Good luck in the contest! That would be so awesome to win. :)

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