Listerine Smart Rinse Oral Care Challenge #SweetSmart

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Did you know that the #1 chronic childhood disease is oral disease?  It can actually lead to serious illnesses and even affect a child’s well-being. Look at these statistics on Pediatric Dental Disease:

  • 44% of American children will suffer from pediatric dental disease before they get to Kindergarten
  • Of the 4 million children born each year, more than half will develop cavities before they reach 2nd grade
  • 43% of Americans have no dental insurance
  • Over 16 million children suffer from untreated dental disease


Those are scary statistics considering how serious oral disease can get!

America's ToothFairy

A nonprofit organization, America’s ToothFairy, is working to eliminate this preventable disease. They work with organizations, civic groups and communities to educate and help prevent dental disease. America’s ToothFairy has already helped over 1 million children, but there are millions more who need help. You can help by joining America’s ToothFairy this Halloween. Just join Trick or Treat for America’s ToothFairy and set up a virtual page online. Invite your family and friends to join too and take the opportunity to raise money for children in need.

While my children are thankfully in a better position for care than many others, I was still surprised to learn some new facts about dental care recently.  I wasn’t aware that the kids should be not only be brushing for at least 2 minutes twice a day, but that children 6 and older should also be rinsing for at least a minute every day. We’re good at brushing and rinsing, but I’m pretty sure we’re not coming close the the amount of time necessary for truly clean teeth.  

So I’m happy that we’ve been asked to take the LISTERINE SMART RINSE Sweet Smart Challenge. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be working with my children to develop better dental care routines. I’ll monitor their progress, keep track of how they’re doing and then will share our experience with you when we’re through.  


Listerine Smart Rinse Oral Care Challenge


Listerine Smart Rinse Oral Care Challenge


Listerine Smart Rinse Oral Care Challenge


I’ve got a lot of great LISTERINE® and REACH® products for us all to use and am looking forward to making sure we’re taking the best care of our teeth possible.

Be sure to come back and see how we do! I’ll be sharing lots of great information for you to help your children have the best oral care routines too.  :)



Disclosure: I received products from Johnson & Johnson and The Motherhood as part of my participation in the LISTERINE SMART RINSE Sweet Smart Challenge. All opinions are my own.



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