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My older daughter isn’t the type of child to misplace things. I can ask her where almost any of her belongings are and she knows where they are. It was strange then, when she started Kindergarten last year and her belongings started to go missing.

Her brand new uniform sweater, for instance, was ‘lost’ only a couple of weeks after school started. My daughter was adamant that she’d hung it up right below her cubby, but it wasn’t there at the end of the day. We looked in the lost and found and she asked her teacher if it had been turned in, but it didn’t turn up, so I bought her a new (expensive!) sweater.

My daughter ended up having quite a few things go missing by the end of the year. I wondered if she was just so busy at school that she couldn’t keep up with her belongings, but that ended up not being the case. On Field Day at the very end of the year, I was talking to a couple of other moms about missing items. Both of the moms were laughing about how kids are always getting their things mixed up and how everyone (including them) ends up with the wrong things by the end of the year. As it turned out, each of these women had one of my daughter’s missing items at their home. (Strangely, I didn’t find it that funny.)

I decided that this would not happen again. I’ve always written my daughter’s name on the tags of her clothes, but it wasn’t always completely legible. The ink bled, or the tag was too dark to see writing on, or there was no tag at all. I needed a better way to label my children’s things and make sure they never went “missing” again.

Mabel’s Labels is the answer to our problem! Their personalized name labels made it easy to label everything my daughter takes to school. I chose nice, bright colorful tags so the other children would notice them and know that the item belongs to my daughter.

The Ultimate Back-to-School Combo is the perfect mix of labels for kids heading back to school. It includes all the durable, waterproof labels needed to keep your kids’ stuff out of the lost and found. Label lunchboxes, notebooks, pencil boxes, clothes and even shoes!

All of the labels can be personalized with a name and a picture icon, making it easy for children to recognize their own items. There are dozens of adorable color and icon choices so children can design stickers they love.

My daughter was thrilled to have these adorable labels on all of her items. I’m thrilled that her belongings will be coming back to our house this year!

Check out all of these great items from Mabel’s Labels:

Iron-Ons and Tag Mates™ are laundry safe and designed to adhere to almost any fabric. Shoe labels are extra tough, waterproof labels that peel and stick to the insoles of footwear.

Sticky Labels and Skinny-Minis™ are dishwasher/microwave safe, peel and stick labels. These bestselling products are extremely versatile and long-lasting.

Bag Tags and Teeny Tags™ are sturdy metal tags to attach to everything from backpacks to pencil cases.

Developed by professional organizers, Household Labels organize everything from storage bins, food containers and spice jars to craft supplies, electronics cords and trash cans.

We offer delightful, one-of-a-kind, personalized stationery products. Mama Cards™ are an effortless way to share personal contact information. Return Address Labels can be customized with a name and address.

Kid safety products are designed to give parents peace of mind. “My 411 Wristbands” are durable, disposable bands customized with names, phone numbers and other important information. Allergy Alerts remind caregivers of allergies and other special needs.




  1. Renee Sapone says:

    I like those Colourful Label Out Loud bag tags!

  2. love the ultimate back to school combo

  3. I love the cupcake design on the back to school pack

  4. I love the ultimate back to school combo. It’s everything you need!

  5. i like the train design on bag tags.


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