Make Lunch More Fun with Wonder Smartwhite for Kids

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I remember Wonder bread from my childhood, but had no idea it’s been an iconic brand for over 90 years. It’s soft, delicious and the same healthy bread I’ve loved for decades. Now there are over 20 different varieties of Wonder bread for every taste and every member of the family.

I’m thrilled to be able to buy the new Wonder Smartwhite for Kids.  It’s got the same great Wonder bread taste I loved as a child, but is now even healthier for kids. Baked with no high fructose corn syrup and fortified with the fiber of 100% whole wheat bread, Smartwhite is a great choice for lunches for my kids. Plus, it has the same amount of calcium as an 8-ounce glass of milk, is a good source of nine essential vitamins and minerals, and contains only 50 calories per slice.

With two of my kids back in school, we’re already getting into the swing of lunchbox packing. The girls get bored with the same things every day, so we’ve gotten pretty creative with some of our sandwiches. When I told them about the crazy sandwich a babysitter made for me as a child, they absolutely had to try it. It’s been one of their favorite sandwiches ever since.

It’s called the Grilled Cheese and Chips Sandwich.

Just grill two slices of Wonder Smartwhite for kids with a piece of American cheese on each. The put chips on one side and top with the other side.

Smush together and Voila! You have the Grilled Cheese and Chips Sandwich.  :)

If you’re looking for fun new ways to liven up your kids’ lunchboxes, be sure to check out The Sandwich Wonder-izer. You can make your own virtual sandwich or check out all of the pre-made ideas from the healthiest to the craziest sandwiches you’ve ever seen. You can even see the nutritional information for each to help you decide which ones are best for your family.

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