Making A Change – Weight Watchers Simple Start


It’s almost the start of a new year, and like many people, I’m excited about changing my lifestyle and my habits. And I’m feeling confident because I’ll have help.

For the next month, I’m going to be using the Weight Watchers Simple Start program.

I used Weight Watchers about 10 years ago before my wedding and was able to lose a little bit of weight that I’d been having a hard time getting off for years. I enjoyed the program and always felt really encouraged about how I was doing.

But now that I have three young children and own my own business, it’s not as easy for me to get to the Weight Watchers meetings. I’m excited about being able to do the Simple Start plan online and with the free app. I can’t wait to get started!

Look at this delicious Veggie Omelet and Toast breakfast I’ll be eating:


Veggie Omelet and Toast - Weight Watchers Simple Start


How awesome is that?

Instead of skipping breakfast or eating quick snacks throughout the day, I’m committing to eating these healthier meals and I honestly can’t wait! They’ll not only be healthier, but will definitely taste better than what I’ve been eating.

Here’s a lunch that I’m looking forward to:


Grilled Cheese And Vegetable Soup - Weight Watchers Simple Start


Vegetable Soup and Grilled Cheese and Tomato Sandwiches! 

They look so good and are something I wouldn’t have known I could enjoy as a healthy meal in the past.

So stay tuned and learn more about the Weight Watchers Simple Start plan with me!  I’ll be posting another 2 times and will let you know how it’s going over the next few weeks. 

Be sure to check back in soon for more #SimpleStart updates!




  1. Sandra VanHoey says:

    Those do look great and I too have to do this. I am so guilty of grabbing candy or snacks during the day and y sister and I both want to eat much healthier. That omelette, oh yummm

  2. Yum looks like you can have a good portion of food compared to other diets I have seen! YUM!!

  3. stephanie says:

    i been wanting to try weight watchers

  4. The soup and sandwiches look sooo good, I want them now! I shouldn’t have looked at this, soo hungry now. 

  5. Ummmm, I’d be looking forward to that lunch too. It looks DARN good!

  6. I am a lifetime member of Weight Watchers – it really is the best plan out there.  The Today Show mentioned it just this morning.

  7. I love the concept of Weight Watchers – I 11 years ago to lose 30 lbs and I’ve kept the weight off all that time because it taught me HOW to eat and nothing was off limits. Can’t wait to see how you do on this jump start program.

  8. Those meals look delicious. I’ve never done Weight Watchers but have heard a lot about it.

  9. Good luck!! Can’t wait to see how you do. I’m trying to lose some weight and eat healthy this year. I look forward to hearing about your progress :)

  10. I would do weight watchers. I like that they don’t want you to eat with weird fads, just eat the way you should learn to anyway

  11. That food looks amazing! I really need to give Weight Watcher’s a try!

  12. I’ll be having soup today! Nice and warm!

  13. Can’t wait to here how it’s going!

  14. I’m on weight watchers and I love it! Simple starts is great for beginners.

  15. I wish you success on their plan!

  16. Robin Wilson says:

    I have always wanted to try WW and I can surely stand to lose some weight.  I have gained about 10 pounds over the last few months.  I also love the quote you have here!

  17. Everything looks delicious! I especially like that WW teaches people how to balance real life foods and make positive choices.

  18. Good luck on your journey! Those recipes look amazing.

  19. That omelet looks crazy good! I’m working on my health this year, too.

  20. It’s cook that they have an easy way for people to get started – so often if people don’t see results right away or struggle to stick to a diet, they’ll quit.

  21. Weight Watchers is a really great program. My MIL lost a lot of weight on it & then was a class leader for awhile- it definitely works!

  22. I can’t wait to hear how this goes for you. I think Weight Watchers might be a good option for me also.

  23. Everything looks so filling. I am looking forward to hearing how the program works for you!

  24. Good luck the food looks great.

  25. That food looks amazing and good luck on your journey!

  26. You’re right, it’s all about change!  Good luck to you.

  27. I think weight watchers has really come a long way.  They have some tasty looking meals.

  28. I would love to sign up for WW again. I just found out they have an office right near my house!

  29. Can’t wait to hear what you really love and what you don’t. My fav meal so far has been the Breakfast Pizza! 

  30. Oh, those grilled cheese and tomato on English muffins are so scrumptious!:) 

  31. I love how easy it is to follow! The plan is simple and I can easily stick to the food list. 

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