35 Best New Year’s Eve DIY Activities and Crafts

Here are some fun crafts and activities for New Year’s Eve. Happy New Year!


35 Best New Year's Eve DIY Crafts and Activities #DIY


35 Best New Year’s Eve DIY Crafts and Activities #DIY


1.  New Year Confetti Launcher

2.  New Year’s Eve Recycled Party Hats

3. Countdown Activities for Kids

4.  Edible Party Horns

5.  New Year’s Eve Noisy Noisemakers

6. Countdown Bags for New Year’s Eve

7.  Hanging Bubbly Ball Decorations

8. Homemade Party Confetti Wands

9.  First Night Party Hats

10. Mirror Ball Decoration

11.  Shimmering New Year’s Streamers

12.  Matchbox Confetti Boxes

13. Confetti Balloons

14.  New Year’s Time Capsule

15. Masquerade Party Mask

16.  New Year’s Eve Printable Activity

17. Countdown Games and Activities

18. Colored Bubble Jump

19. Handmade Party Hats

20. New Year Goals

21.  Pebble Shakers Party Noisemakers

22.  DIY Painted Mugs

23.  2013 Headband

24.  2013 Time Capsule

25.  Confetti Eggs

26.  Tinsel New Year’s Banner

27. Embellished Glitter Glasses for Kids

28.  Toilet Paper Roll Fireworks

29. New Year’s Eve Party Kit in a Bag

30. New Year’s Eve Surprise Poppers

31.  Time Capsule Jars

32. Wishing Tree

33. DIY Masquerade Mask

34. Mini Party Hat Fascinator

35. Pipe Cleaner Princess Tiara


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Happy New Year!!


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