The Nike Young Athletes Innovation Summit is Almost Here! #NikeKids

When I was growing up, I loved to play sports.  From swimming and soccer when I was tiny all the way up to competitive cheering and softball in high school, I loved sports.  I have great memories of spending time with my friends in practice and during the games, some that were wins and some losses.  It was about more than just winning. It was about having fun, doing out best, being active and healthy, and about friendships.

Now that I’m older with children, it’s interesting to see what my children are drawn to.  My older daughter was very shy when she was younger.  She didn’t speak to people, really, until she’d known them for quite a while and would rarely join in activities with other children.  I would have guess a few years ago that she probably wouldn’t be interested in team or competition sports.  If anything, I would have thought she’d choose a sport without a lot of interaction with others, like Cross Country.

Boy was I wrong!  She just turned 7 and already loves soccer, basketball and cheerleading.  While she’s still fairly quiet around people she doesn’t know, she loves to be active.  She loves to take lessons with lots of other kids, plays in games with others and even plays a little during recess at school.  It’s been so interesting to see my shy little girl loving sports just as much as I did.



We were thrilled to find out that we were invited to the Nike Young Athletes Innovation Summit this Friday!  SMy daughter and I will be flying from North Carolina to Oregon to join other mom bloggers and their children.  I don’t know a lot about what’s in store for us, but I’ve heard that the Nike campus is amazing and that there will be lots of amazing things to learn and see.  Sounds exciting, doesn’t it!  :)

My daughter hasn’t flown since she was a baby and is soooo excited about this trip.  We’ve already started packing even though we don’t leave until Thursday, but we can’t help ourselves.  I’m so honored to be chosen by Nike to attend the Summit and tickled that I get to go with my sweet daughter. 

I love the idea of supporting young children as they become athletes and can’t wait to see what Nike has in store for us!  

Be sure to check back in throughout the week to see more from the Nike Young Athletes Summit. I’ll be posting, tweeting and sharing all of the fun!



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  1. I will definitely keep up with the summit, thanks!

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