Nutrisystem Weigh In #NSNation Week 16



I had a great week on the Nutrisystem plan last week!  Things have been so busy around here, with events and field trips at both daughters’ schools, long-overdue errands, blog work, etc.  I’ve been out of the house a lot, which gives me less time to snack when I shouldn’t.  I get up and have a Nutrisystem breakfast, usually a muffin, and then take a little bag with a couple of Nutrisystem snacks and lunch. If I make it back home by lunchtime, I’ll heat up something in the microwave.  If I’m out in the car or working at one of the schools, I’ll just eat one of the Nutrisystem bars for lunch. Then back home and have a pizza or soup with a salad for dinner.  I’m proud of how well I stuck to the plan last week.

And I can’t wait to see how I start doing over the next couple of months because…. my husband is going to join me on the Nutrisystem plan!  Woohooo!  I’m thrilled for him because I know he’ll do well on the plan.  I’m also happy for me because it will make planning meals a lot easier when we’re both eating Nutrisystem.  No more eating a sensible dinner while my husband chows down on something I used to eat and love.  : /

I’m also happy about him joining the Nutrisystem plan because I think it will be great for him during the day while he works.  He sits at a desk most days, in a small office with no cafeteria.  That means that he’ll usually end up getting fast food or buying something from a gas station to bring back to his desk and eat while he works.  It will be so much easier and so much healthier for him to have the Nutrisystem meals there at his office so he won’t be tempted to go out and buy something else. 

It will also be interesting to see how the plans differ.  I’m on the Nutrisystem Vegetarian plan (love!) and he’ll be eating the Nutrisystem Men’s food, so I’m curious to see what he gets and what he thinks.  I’ll let you know in a few weeks once he gets his first order.


So, how did I do? I lost 1.6 pounds this week!  Yay me!

Week One – 2 pounds lost
Week Two – 3 pounds lost
Week Three – 1 pound lost
Week Four – 1 pound lost
Week Five – 2 pounds lost
Week Six – 1 pound gained
Week Seven – 2 pounds lost
Week Eight – 0 pounds lost
Week Nine – 2 pounds lost
Week Ten – 2 pounds lost
Week Eleven – 1.8 pounds lost
Week Twelve – 0.8 pounds lost
Week Thirteen – 0.6 pounds lost
Week Fourteen – 0.2 pounds lost
Week Fifteen – 0.6 pounds lost
Week Sixteen – 1.6 pounds lost

Total Loss to Date: 19.6 pounds! So close to the 20 pound mark!

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