Primo Flavorstation – Review and Giveaway



Now that I’m married with kids, I’ve put a lot of my old habits behind me. One thing that I haven’t kicked (and don’t plan to!) is my love of soda.  My husband and I love soda and drink a lot of it. Unfortunately, that gets expensive, means a lot of room in our fridge and pantry taken up by cans of soda and means a lot of cans that need to be recycled.

I recently was given the chance to review the Primo Flavorstation. It’s a carbonated drink maker that allows you to make your own sodas and flavored sparkling waters at home. No more bringing heavy packs of soda home from the store. No more stockpiling cases of soda in your pantry and refrigerator. And best of all…no more paying such high prices for soda!

I received a box full of Primo Flavorstation goodies to try out and couldn’t wait to get started. Look at all of these awesome flavors and fun accessories! 



I got everything out of the box and had read the instructions in just a few minutes.  Set up was simple and quick and I was making my own soda within minutes.  Check out how easy it is to set up the Flavorstation and make your own soda:



It’s so easy! In just a minute, you can make your favorite flavor of soda or sparkling water. Mix more than one flavor to make your own fun creation. All of the Sparkling Beverage Mixes contain 100% natural flavors, about half the calories of national brands and no high fructose corn syrup.

I really like the pumps that fit right onto the flavor bottles, so there’s less mess when adding flavor.  The pumps also make it easier and more fun to mix flavors than with other beverage makers. I also love the colored bottle markers that help me keep my drinks straight when we have more than one made. We love our new Flavorstation drink maker!

If you’d like to learn more about the Primo Flavorstation, visit Primo online. Be sure to like Primo on Facebook and follow Primo on Twitter to learn the latest news and promotions!

Want your own Primo Flavorstation?  You can buy one at for only $79.99.

Or you can enter to win one here at A Helicopter Mom!  

Just head here and enter to WIN your very own PRIMO FLAVORSTATION!!!!




  1. Hi, I have a question, what would happen if you add the syrup before you carbonate the drink? I’m interested in carbonating my work out drinks, but they have to be shook up a lot to get the powder to dissolve. Water 1st + shake shake shake would be disastrous lol. Hummm maybe I could water + shake shake shake and put in the fridge for 45 minutes or something.

    • You’re not supposed to add anything to the water before carbonating. I guess it might clog the pieces? I think I even read that doing so would void any warranty on the product.

      That said, if you buy it, it’s yours to do whatever you want with it. :)

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