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You’ve heard me talking recently about potty training with my toddler son. He’s been wearing Pull-Ups and sitting on the potty from time to time, but we haven’t made that first step to actually putting anything *in* the potty yet.

So I was thrilled when we were chosen to throw a ‘Celebrate the First Flush’ party with Pull-Ups. I knew it would be a great way to show my little boy how excited we are about him learning this new milestone. And it would be a great way to have some other kids over to celebrate with him. Both of my sisters-in-law, a couple of neighbors and one of my bests friends all brought their kids over to party. I was glad to have other toddlers going through the same stage as my son, and also happy to have more ‘big kids’ who could encourage the young ones.

We were sent lots of great party supplies to help us have a fun day and the kids loved everything. There were several different stations for the kids to go through, each with a different activity. We had snacks, coloring, dancing and more!


Pull-Ups Why Wait, Celebrate


One of the coolest stations was the Pull-Ups Big Kids 3D Celebration App station.  A few of the other moms and I all downloaded the app onto our smart phones and had them waiting for the kids to use at the station. The app was easy to use – we just aimed it at the logo on the Pull-Ups bag and it started right up. (One phone didn’t work with the bag for some reason, so we used the logo card inside the Pull-Ups package and it worked just fine.)


Pull Ups Party App


The kids were able to pick their favorite Disney characters to play with as they used the app. They were able to watch little videos of the characters and then work on unlocking different features, like Potty Rewards, Videos, a Big Kid Timer and even a Disney Call! 

As the kids took turns playing with the app, the others had a ball coloring their party pages and decorating their party hats. The moms and I helped the toddlers put stickers on some fun Potty Rewards charts. Each time the toddler sat on the potty (clothed), they got a sticker. So they were taking turns (sometimes not patiently) waiting for the others to get off so they could get back on and get another sticker. It ended up looking like a game of musical chairs with 6 toddlers and only one chair. I’m not sure the kids really understood the point of the fun, but it was hilarious to watch.  :)


Pull-Ups House Party


When it was time for everyone to go home, all of the kids got a big Goody Bag with the fun items they’d worked on at the party, some awesome coupons and info from Pull-Ups and a few treats thrown in for fun.  

We had an absolute blast and my son talks about it now whenever we try to go potty. He remembers the fun and excitement and is a lot more positive about trying now.  Hopefully, he’ll do more than just sit on the potty soon and we’ll be on our way to being potty trained!

If you have a toddler who is potty training, definitely check out the free Pull-Ups Big Kid 3D Celebration App! It’s a lot of fun and will make potty training more fun for your little one. Be sure to get more great info and ideas about celebrating your child’s first flush on the Pull-Ups Website and Pull-Ups Facebook Page.

*  While you’re on their Facebook Page, enter the Pull-Ups sweepstakes – You might to win a trip to the most magical family getaway destination on Earth!   :)



I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Pull-Ups. I received product samples to facilitate my review and to host a party. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.






  1. going onthe potty IS a celebration!

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