Small Space Storage Solutions

Small Space Storage Solutions from Houselogic


When my husband and I got married, we started looking for a house to move into. We knew we wanted to have kids so we wanted a house with lots of bedrooms and storage space for everyone.  We found a great lot, worked out a home plan with a builder and made sure we had lots of great closets, pantries and storage areas throughout the house.

But now that we have three kids, the closets are full and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of storage space left.  I’ve started getting creative with small space storage solutions to make better use of the floor, wall and even ceiling spaces in our house.


Small Space Storage Solutions


One of my favorite storage solutions is to go up.  Use your empty wall space for shelves, fancy hangers and hooks and even hanging baskets and bins.  I took a tiny corner of my walk-in closet and made an office space with plenty of storage just by using the wall.  I added a desktop with lots of shelves above it all the way to the ceiling.

Small Space Storage Solutions and Ideas

I added lots of inexpensive magazine folders and cardboard storage boxes to keep my things organized. Now I have a great work area with plenty of storage for all of my papers, files and supplies, all in a really tiny corner of a closet.

Small Space Storage Solutions


Creative Storage Ideas


I love to look online for more great storage solutions and found some great ideas on  They’re a great source of information and ideas for homeowners and have lots of great suggestions for increasing the value and enjoyment from your home. I found some great storage solutions for small spaces and some really creative ideas I’d never seen anywhere else.  Here are a few fun ideas from Houselogic:

Use a couple of wires strung across your closet or pantry ceiling as a great place to keep wrapping paper:

Using the Ceiling as a Small Space Storage Solution

 Use a large bookshelf or storage case as a room divider:

Small Space Storage Solutions from Houselogic


Do you have any great storage solutions for small spaces to share?  I’d love to hear them!  :)


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  1. Austin Baroudi says:

    These seem really useful!!!

  2. Great use of space! I especially like the idea for storing wrapping paper. 

  3. Tanya White says:

    I have 3 large rooms in our basement one of course used for laundry so when in need to storage I just put the stuff i am storing in plastic bin with lids in our basement, I am grateful I have the space to utilize for these plastic bins. I love you idea though.

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