Adorable Spring Wreath #DIY #Craft #Spring

Adorable Spring Wreath #DIY #Spring #Craft.




If you’re on Pinterest, you’ve probably seen all of your friends pinning pictures of this adorable Spring Wreath.  I saw it last week and just had to make one for myself.


I bought everything I used at Joann Fabric & Crafts. Here are the materials:

  • 12 inch foam wreath
  • 2 packages of Lion Brand Fun Fur Yarn in Lime (#320-194)
  • Wright’s Large Pink Daisy trim
  • Long Pearlized Pink Pins (1.5″)

The first part takes a long time to complete, but is easy and can be done while you watch tv or sit in carpool. Take one end of the yarn and tie it onto the foam wreath.  Then start wrapping the yarn around the wreath.


You’ll keep wrapping and wrapping all the way around the wreath.

After wrapping carefully for a while, I started just going really quickly and then stopping periodically to push the wrapped yarn closer together.  I did this over and over until I’d gone around the wreath completely.  It made the work a lot quicker and looked just as good.

I used about 1 1/2 packages of the fun yard.  It might be possible to use only one package if you spread the yard out more, but then the wreath won’t be as fluffy.



Once the wreath is completely wrapped, tie off or tuck in the end of the yarn.  Now the wreath is ready for the embellishments.

Unwrap the Daisy trim and cut each flower apart from the others.  


Then take a long pearlized pin and push it down through the pink center of the daisy.  

Place the daisy on the wreath by pushing the pin into the foam. Add as many daisies as you’d like.  For a 12 inch wreath, I used 28 daisies.

Next, I added the little sign that says “Bare Feet Welcome”.  It’s just written on plain white paper, cut out and taped onto a toothpick.  I pushed the toothpick into the foam wreath.


I used pink ribbon to hang the wreath up on our front door.  Here’s how my new Spring Wreath looked when finished:




I love this wreath!  I huge thanks to Patty at Capture the Details for her amazing idea and tutorial. She has so many fun projects; you should definitely check out her blog!




  1. Cool wreath! I was going through the Color Click Capture entries and came across your Spring cookies, which then led me to this tutorial. This is why I never get anything done. :)

    • Hi: I love this wreath, so much in fact I spent hours looking for just the right materials. Joann’s was out of the pink pins and the large daisies. I settled on white pins and used pink nail polish to color them. I only used one skein of the lime fun fur on a 12″ foam wreath and it turned out great. I love how it turned out! Thanks for the tutorial.

      • P.S. I also went to Hobby Lobby and Michaels for all the materials but stuck out there as well.

        • yea i couldnt find the large daisies either! :( i got the small ones and it’s still cute, but the daisies get lost in my wreathe. still cute tho!

      • I’m glad it turned out! :) Brilliant idea with the nail polish. I would have driven to 73 more stores without every thinking of that, lol.


  2. That is absolutely adorable. I love it!

  3. Lovely! I love seeing unconventional wreaths!

  4. You have made this project seem so easy! I’ve never made a wreath before, but I’ve always wanted too! I’m pretty sure I pinned this a long time ago but have never tried to make it before. This will be a great project to try for our new house, which we’re moving to spring-ish! Thank you!

  5. This wreath is adorable and so easy to make! Thank you for posting!

  6. Maddie Klingaman says:

    So cute and love that it’s so easy!

  7. Mia Dentice Carey says:


  8. Robin Wilson says:

    I love this wreath! What a great use for all of the eyelash yarn I have stored away! Thanks for the ideas!

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