Super Why LIVE Kids Show Review

Super Why LIVE Kids Show


My husband and I took the three kids to see the Super Why kids show last night and we all had a blast. All three of the kids were so excited to see the show.

Kids Show Super Why Live


I was wondering how the characters would look live since Super Why is an animated kids show. The actors ended up being people with costumes and huge heads on and I thought they looked great.


Super Why Live Kids Show


Throughout the show, there was a lot of fun singing and dancing. The characters also encouraged the kids in the audience to participate during the show and help them figure out the answer, just like on the tv show.  I loved seeing my little girls answering all the questions and dancing around during the songs. They were clearly enjoying themselves.


Super Why Live Kids Show


There were also some fun parts where the characters flew in planes on the adventure and Super Why took a rocket to the moon. The kids loved it!


Super Why Live Kids Show
Super Why Live Kids Show


 We all loved seeing the aerial silk acrobat.  It was beautiful and completely unexpected.


Super Why Live Kids Show


After the show, we were lucky enough to be able to join the VIP ticketholders for the Super Why Party.  The kids got to color some pictures, play games and meet all of their favorite characters.  It was the first time I’d seen a VIP party and I was really impressed. We’ll definitely be buying VIP tickets in the future so the kids can meet the characters.  They talked about meeting Super Why and the Princess the entire way home.


Super Why Live Kids Show


The Super Why Live Kids Show was absolutely a blast!  All three kids loved it and I’m so happy we took them. My little boy has been trying to sing the Super Why Theme song since the show (Why! Whhyyyyyyyy! Why! Whhyyyyyyyyy!) and is hilarious. I can see how much he loved the show.

Be sure to see if Super Why Live is coming to a city near you. There are still tickets on sale for the remaining shows and I think your kids would LOVE to go!  :)



I received tickets to the show to facilitate this review.  All opinions are completely my own.



  1. We thought the show was great too!  Congrats on being part of the VIP experience!

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