Switch & Go Dinos from VTech – 2 Toys for 1 Price!

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It’s so interesting for me to see my son play.  Although he’ll join his sisters in their play kitchen from time to time or play with a doll and stroller, my little boy is most often drawn to toys typically thought of as ‘boy’ toys.  Anything that moves, rolls or roars is a huge hit with him. So when we heard of the new Switch & Go Dinos from VTech, I knew he would love them.

We got two of the four Switch & Go Dinos and just as I thought, my son absolutely loves them!

SwitchAndGo Sliver

SwitchAndGo Horns

What I didn’t expect though, was how much my daughters would love them too. Since we opened them up, all three of the kids are constantly wanting one to play with so we’ve been taking turns. While I like to use opportunities like that to teach lessons about patience and sharing, I think I’m going to have to give in and buy a third so we can have some peace in the house.

The reason that the kids love the Switch & Go Dinos so much is that they aren’t just dinos; they’re very cool electronic dinosaurs who change into cars in just a few steps.

And when I say they change, I don’t just mean the shape. Everything morphs, from the eyes of the dinosaur changing into the face of the driver and the dinosaur sounds changing into commands by the driver. The dinos’ eyes and the drivers’ faces are even customizable!  My kids like to pick their favorites and will adjust the LCD screen when it’s their turn to play.

My kids just play with the Switch & Go Dinos and think they’re cool, but my husband and I realize how impressive the technology is that allows changes like that in a child’s toy! It’s nice to see the kids being creative and using their imaginations while they play and work the dino transformations into their play. I also love the the dinos are well made and sturdy. The parts swing easily into place, but aren’t loose or able to bend in the wrong direction. Even my younger kids can change both dinos to the cars and back again without any problem, but there are enough steps to keep the transformation interesting.

You can see my kids having a great time with their Switch & Go Dinos here:

There are currently four Switch & Go Dinos: Sliver the T-Rex, T-Don the Pteranodon, Tonn the Stegosaurus and Horns the Triceratops. They will be on sale beginning June 18th at VTechKids.com for a suggested retail price of $15.99. Or Buy today on Amazon.

Tell me, which kids in your life would love a Switch & Go Dino?  :)

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  1. I love these, they look so cool!

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