Dr Seuss Party Ideas – Cookies, Favors

Two of my children have birthdays coming up and I have to admit that I’ve slacked a bit on the planning. My son wants something different for his party each time I ask him, so I’m considering just doing a Dr. Seuss party for him. That way I can cover a lot of his favorite […]

The Little Gym – Party Time!

A couple of months ago, my younger daughter went to a birthday party at a local children’s gym called The Little Gym. She had such a great time that told me on the way home that she wanted her next birthday party there. Since she’s been known in the past to change her mind easily […]

A Birthday with Monkey Joe

You may remember from this post that I have vowed to never again have birthday parties at home.  I end up having to do too much, spend too much money, stress too much and I don’t get to enjoy the party with my child. To be honest though, some of the parties I’ve taken my […]

Saying Goodbye to the Home Birthday Party

All three of my children have birthdays coming up in the next several months and I’m starting to think about birthday parties.  In the past, I’ve done small at-home parties to save money. Well, they were supposed to be small at-home parties. The plan was always to let my child invite some friends over, have […]

T is For…

Two. Two of our three children with the same birthday. Two Parties in the last two days. Two people who showed up unexpected. Too much decorating. Too much cake. Too many presents. Two tired parents.

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