Want to WIN a FREE trip to BlogHer? GIVEAWAY

I’m one of the 10 finalists in the Lovable Labels BlogHer’ 11 contest!   The Lovable Labels prize I hope to win is TWO trips to BlogHer.       If I win, I’ll use one trip for myself and then use the other to take one of you with me!  This is a prize worth $1,750!!  * .    Here is […]

Money, Money, Money! $150 GIVEAWAY 5 WINNERS!

I’m one of the 10 finalists in the Lovable Labels BlogHer’ 11 contest!                                       In order to win, I need your vote!            So I’m giving away $150 to 5 winners if I win!                 .         1st  prize – $70      2nd prize – $40       3rd prize – $20       4th prize – $10       5th prize […]

Move Your Blog the Easy Way…

As many of you know, my friend ‘Rock Star Jen’ from Mom’s Online Garage Sale changed my WordPress theme for me last week. She did it within a few hours and I have been so happy with the change. Not only can Jen do wonders within WordPress, she is also able to transfer blogs from […]

WordPress Backup