Safe Kids Worldwide – 5 Ways to Keep Children Safer at Home

I had to call the Poison Control Center this week. . While I was making lunch on Friday, my kids were playing upstairs in the playroom. I’d asked the girls to keep an eye on my toddler son and they agreed to watch him for a few minutes. When I called them down for lunch, […]

Little Remedies – Fever and Cough Remedies for Toddlers

  No mother wants to see her children sick or suffering. But with very young children, it often seems like there isn’t much that can be done to ease the suffering. A very close friend of the family is a Pediatrician with four young children of his own. He’s warned us several times over the […]

Magic Muppets Band-Aids – Free App and Great Fun!

My younger daughter is a little spitfire. She’s friendly, outgoing and mature. There isn’t a timid bone in her body. But when it comes to boo-boos, she’s a pitiful little thing. She melts into a puddle of sobs and needs several band-aids for even the most minor of bumps.  And I’m not sure if this […]

When Does A Child Need Her Own Cell Phone?

My oldest daughter just turned 7.  The fact that I worry a bit more than the average mom means she doesn’t always get to do some of the things her friends are allowed to do.  Some of the time that annoys her, but most of the time she understands why I feel the way I […]

A Birthday with Monkey Joe

You may remember from this post that I have vowed to never again have birthday parties at home.  I end up having to do too much, spend too much money, stress too much and I don’t get to enjoy the party with my child. To be honest though, some of the parties I’ve taken my […]


My four-year-old little girl snores.  It’s not a sweet, soft toddler snore. It’s a sucking-in-air, very loud, old-man snore.  We always thought it was funny, until I read an article a few weeks ago about sleep problems in children.   It turns out that my little girl has Obstructive Sleep Apnea, which can cause a lot […]

What Do You Want the Police to Do About It? #doyourjob

As many of you know, we have a protected wildlife area behind our house.  It’s not unusual to see all kinds of interesting creatures in our yard and even on our porch.  We’ve seen coyotes, foxes, rabbits, wild turkeys, muskrats, hawks and more.  It’s a really amazing PROTECTED wildlife area. So it was pretty upsetting […]

Gripsterz Stay Along Review

My oldest daughter never wandered when she was little.  I would remind her of the rules before we went into a store and she would stay right beside me or walk along and hold onto my shopping cart.  My younger daughter tries to follow the rules, but has a tendency to get distracted.  I’ll think […]

Melissa and Doug Giveaway – #BacktoSchool

    I don’t remember the first time I heard about Melissa & Doug toys, but it was years ago. They had the most wonderful wooden toys and puzzles and were so popular with kids. I remember driving to a specialty toy store to buy their products for gifts for my nieces and nephews. Now, […]

French Toast School Clothing – Review

Those of you with school-age children know how hard it can be to find quality clothes at a great price. There are so many clothing stores that carry cheaply made clothes that fall apart too quickly. When you find a store with high quality clothes, the prices can be shockingly high. When my older daughter […]