Newman’s Own Organics – Review and Giveaway

You’re surely familiar with Newman’s Own products, but have you ever heard of Newman’s Own Organics? Newman’s Own Organics   Newman’s Own Organics was started in 1993 by Nell Newman, Paul Newman’s daughter. She and business partner Peter Meehan realized that there was a market for organic snack foods and began creating a more delicious line […]

Ma’am, Would You Like Paper or Plastic? #ChooseCartons

  When you’re at the grocery store shopping for OJ for the kids, what goes into your decision about which brand to buy? Price probably. Taste preference, of course. Pulp or no pulp, maybe. But do you think about what type of packaging it comes in? Do you consider whether the carton of orange juice […]

Green Works, Mr. Kiji & Ian Somerhalder Create Reverse Graffiti

About the Green Works® Reverse Graffiti Gallery: The Green Works Reverse Graffiti Gallery was created based on the thought that cleaning can be beautiful, especially when done naturally. The project has already transformed an urban space in Los Angeles into a dynamic reminder that small, every day environmentally positive choices can make a big impact. Drawing inspiration from […]

Clean Your Home with Green Products – Review

With three small children in our family, there is always something that needs to be cleaned. I’ve never tried Green cleaning products before, but love the idea of using products that are better for the environment than typical cleaning products. To be honest, the reason that I never tried green cleaning products is because I […]

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