Shrimp with Mac and Cheese $300 VISA Giveaway

  I’m so ready to kick off my favorite season of the year! Summer means long, sunny days filled with kids’ laughter and time for relaxation. The kids will be tracked out of school soon and we’re already planning lots of fun family days at home and at the pool. I’m lucky to have grown up […]

Easy Shrimp Kabobs Recipe

As I mentioned a few days ago, National Shrimp Day is May 10 and we’re getting so excited! It’s a great time to start planning beach trips and cookouts, so let’s talk about an awesome recipe for the summer. Whether you fire up your grill or bake in the oven, these shrimp kabobs are crispy, […]

Julius Jr on Nick Jr – Imaginative Learning and Fun

  Childhood can be such a magical and wonderful time. Kids love to use their imaginations to create wonderful fantasy lands and exciting adventures. My kids are no different. They pretend that their stuffed animals and dolls magically come to life when people aren’t around and living fun lives we never see. I love seeing […]

Snacktime on the Go – Lunchables Jr

School is starting back for kids and that means new schedules to get used to during the week. I have 2 daughters in elementary school and a toddler at home right now. who still naps after lunchtime. By the time he wakes up, we’re running out the door for carpools. The girls are at different […]

50 Cool Things to do with Pool Noodles – Pool Noodle Games

My local dollar store marked their pool noodles down to $0.50 each! I stocked up and can’t wait to start on some of these fun projects.   Pool Noodle Games    . 1. Pool Noodle Rainbow 2. Festive Garland 3. Pool Noodle Ponies 4. Backyard Sprinkler Park 5. Pool Noodle Marble Racing 6. Lincoln Log […]