Julius Jr on Nick Jr – Imaginative Learning and Fun

Julius Jr on Nick Jr

  Childhood can be such a magical and wonderful time. Kids love to use their imaginations to create wonderful fantasy lands and exciting adventures. My kids are no different. They pretend that their stuffed animals and dolls magically come to life when people aren’t around and living fun lives we never see. I love seeing… read more »

Snacktime on the Go – Lunchables Jr

Lunchables Jr in the car

School is starting back for kids and that means new schedules to get used to during the week. I have 2 daughters in elementary school and a toddler at home right now. who still naps after lunchtime. By the time he wakes up, we’re running out the door for carpools. The girls are at different… read more »

50 Cool Things to do with Pool Noodles – Pool Noodle Games

Pool Noodle Games

My local dollar store marked their pool noodles down to $0.50 each! I stocked up and can’t wait to start on some of these fun projects.   Pool Noodle Games    . 1. Pool Noodle Rainbow 2. Festive Garland 3. Pool Noodle Ponies 4. Backyard Sprinkler Park 5. Pool Noodle Marble Racing 6. Lincoln Log… read more »

Back to School Tips – Get Ready for School

When my older daughter entered Kindergarten, I bought a brand new mini-wardrobe for her. She was lucky enough to get a spot in an amazing Charter School in the city and was required to wear uniforms to school. I bought lots of new blouses, jumpers, skirts and polos, along with the acceptable shoes and cardigan… read more »

Ultra Pasteurized Milk – No Fridge Needed #MilkUnleashed

Ultra Pasteurized Milk - No Fridge Needed

My daughters are back at school now and we’re slowly getting used to the new schedules. The girls both moved up to new buildings, with new rules, so a few things have changed since last year. Last year, the girls could order milk at school for lunchtime and it was delivered to them at lunch… read more »

Jelly Bean Sandals – The Perfect Summer Shoe #JellysAreBack

Jelly Bean Sandals for Summer JellysAreBack

I was so excited to hear that Jellys are back! Those cute shoes we remember from Jelly Beans are available again in a new launch here in the US. My daughter loves clothes. She’ll change clothes before coming downstairs for the day, then change again if she’s going outside to play, and again when we’re… read more »

Piggy Paint Natural Nail Polish for Kids

Piggy Paint Natural Nail Polish for Kids

My daughters are girly girls. They love everything sparkly, princessy and fancy. If I’m putting on make-up, they want to watch and will often ask if they can have some too. In the past, I’ve let my girls have a little bit of sparkly eyeshadow or nail polish from time to time. But the more… read more »

Aunt Jemima Lil Griddles – Perfect for Busy, Young Families #AJLilGriddlesCG

Aunt Jemima Lil Griddles Pancakes

  If your house is anything like mine in the morning, things are pretty hectic. Even with clothes picked out, homework finished and in backpacks and everything ready to go, somehow we always seem to be running late. On the weekends, we have Brownie and Daisy Scout meetings, swim lessons, school clubs and town events… read more »

Chasing Fireflies Makes a Beautiful Easter

Chasing Fireflies Easter Dresses

Since “Nana” started buying their clothes and gifts for the kids a few years ago, Chasing Fireflies has become one of my absolute favorite places to shop. The clothes are so gorgeous and well made, there’s always something I just have to have for the kids. With everything from fun pajamas to stunning dresses for… read more »

New LEGO YouTube Channel – Easy and Fun

There’s just something about LEGO®. Boy or Girl, young child or getting older, even for kid-at-heart adults building with their own kids. LEGO® encourages imagination with endless possibilities.   LEGO YouTube Channel   And now there’s a seriously cool new way to enjoy them. With the Official LEGO® Channel on YouTube, kids can now see their favorite characters… read more »