Dealing with Demetia – Any Advice?

My older daughter takes guitar lessons. Her instructor is a sweet man who builds and repairs guitars and violins and teaches lessons in his little shop. My daughter is very shy, but likes the instructor and is comfortable with him so we’re thankful to have found him. The problem is his wife. She had a […]

Johnny Reid’s “Heart & Soul: Live” DVD – Review

Although a new face in the American music scene, Johnny Reid is already a chart-topping, platinum selling artist in Canada. He was nominated for 4 Juno Awards (Canada’s version of the Grammy’s), including Album and Artist of the Year. His raspy voice has been compared to a soulful Bruce Springsteen, Joe Cocker or a young […]

Bobby Long’s A Winter Tale – Review and Giveaway CLOSED

Have you ever heard a song in a movie or a television show and just had to know more about it? I felt that way about the song “Let me Sign”, which was sung by Robert Pattinson in the movie Twilight. The writer of that song was Bobby Long, an amazing British singer-songwriter who recently […]

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