Giving Our Cats the Very Best – Free Cat Products

Giving Our Cats the Very Best

Some families are dog families and others are cat families. We are definitely a cat family. Except for college when I couldn’t keep a pet, I’ve pretty much always had at least 2 cats in my house. I’m thankful that my husband loves cats too and even brought one with him when we got married. […]

Address Your Heart – Sweepstakes

Pasta Primavera with Cauliflower Crust Pizza

  After having a health scare a few months ago, I’ve been more careful about how I’m living. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in women in the United States, so it’s important for me to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I’m spending more time outdoors being active with my family. I love going […]

Free Month Membership to My Yoga Online

Yoga Workouts

Before having kids, I was addicted to working out. I went to the gym daily and looked forward to how good I felt after a good workout. Even after having my little girls, I loved heading to the gym. I’d check my daughters into the play zone and head off to a strength, cardio or […]

Easy Pizza Bites Recipe – $25 Paypal or VISA Card Giveaway

Super Easy Pizza Bites Recipe

In our family, Italian food is always a hit. Whether I’m cooking pots of pasta for a huge family get-together  or just whipping up a little something for dinner, I know that Italian food is always a safe bet.   Everyone loves the taste of al dente pasta or a rich sauce, but for most people here, pizza […]

Things That Matter – Reclaim the Kitchen

Cooking Fresh at Home

One of the things that we love to share with our readers here at A Helicopter Mom is ways to save time. Tips, tricks and ideas for doing things more easily and more quickly so busy moms can have more time for other activities. But I’ll admit, I’m guilty of finding ways to rush through meal […]