Our Off The Charts Daughter – PediaSure

A Helicopter Mom Daughters

For a couple of years, when I’d take my daughters to the Pediatrician for their check-ups, we had an interesting thing happen. My oldest daughter was “off the charts” tall and my younger daughter was “off the charts” small. Since the growth charts only went from 5% to 95%, neither daughter was in the range […]

Pantry Puttanesca Pasta Recipe

Pantry Puttanesca Pasta Recipeq

As a mom of three young kids, a small business owner and wife, I stay very busy.  During the week, I need a meal that is wholesome and delicious, but that doesn’t take too long to prepare. Since there are endless possibilities for recipe creation with pasta, it’s often my first choice for dinner. I’ve […]

2 People Know the Dr Pepper Formula and Other Fun Facts

Soccer Practice

Did you know that only two people in the entire world know the secret formula for Dr. Pepper?   I recently got the chance to chat with some of the folks at the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group and learned some fun facts about our favorite drinks and the company that makes them. •     There have been […]

Applegate HALF TIME™ Lunch Kits – Giveaway

Applegate Organics HALF TIME Lunch Kits

School is starting back for kids and that means new schedules to get used to during the week. I have 2 daughters in elementary school and a toddler who goes to pre-school a couple of mornings each week. All three kids are at different campuses, so we have 2 carpools in the morning, 2 carpools in […]

Chocolate Flavored Medicine – Relief with a Smile

Resting on the Couch

Is it just my house or does it seem like there are a lot of bugs, colds and sniffles going around? I know that some of the sniffles are from allergies and the change in the weather. But after feeling great all summer long, 2 of my 3 kids are suddenly under the weather. My […]