How to Protect the Products You Love – $150 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Keeping Tech Products Safe From Little Hands

Our kids are too young to have their own laptops, smart phones and tablets. But if you asked me to name a day that my kids didn’t at least use one of our tech gadgets for a few minutes, I’d have a hard time answering. It’s part of the technological age we live in. Kids know how to […]

Adorable Storage For A Child’s Room

Kids Room Bookcase Organization for Kids

When my husband and I built our house we had one toddler with another baby on the way. We set up two little bedrooms with little beds and little furniture for our very little girls. Now it’s almost 7 years later and the girls have outgrown their child-sized furniture. The adorable dressers that were so […]

Our Experience With Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong

Giveaway - Enter to Win a Year's Supply of Quilted Northern

A few weeks ago, I told you about the fun opportunity that I’ve had this summer. Our entire family has made the switch to Quilted Northern and want to share our experience with you.     Quilted Northern’s Ultra Soft & Strong is perfect for our family. We’ve got three young kids, so it’s important […]

Silk’n Flash&Go Permanent Hair Removal

Silk'n Flash&Go Review

I have never been a person that gets ready to go and has some time to spare. No matter how much time I give myself to get ready in the morning, I end up having to hustle and rush through my last few tasks before I run late. So whenever I can cut out part […]

5 Fun Ways Kids Can Help In The Kitchen

5 Fun Ways Kids Can Help In the Kitchen #tips #kids

. My kids love to help me in the kitchen. Whether I’m baking or cooking dinner, I usually have at least one kid in the kitchen asking if they can help. Many of you know what I mean, though, when I say that my kids’ “help” in the kitchen isn’t always help. I love to […]