Our Back to School Fashion Show – Cutest Clothes for Girls!

I always loved back-to-school shopping every year. Getting lots of new clothes, cool new shoes, supplies and a backpack. I couldn’t wait for the first day of school so I could start to use it all. My older daughter and I headed out last weekend for a little school shopping at Kmart and she was just […]

Back to School – PURELL 30 Day Challenge

    Although most kids are still enjoying their summer break, our kids have been back at school for a few weeks. They’re at the year-round school, so we’ve already finished our back-to-school shopping for all three kids. The kids all had ideas of what they wanted to get, like fancy backpacks and funky new sneakers. […]

Snacktime on the Go – Lunchables Jr

. I spend a lot of time in carpool lines. In the afternoon line, my son is hungry and needs a snack. Then we pick up one of the girls and head off to the next carpool line. By the time I have all three kids, they’re starving and all want a snack. Some days […]

Back to School Tips – Get Ready for School

When my older daughter entered Kindergarten, I bought a brand new mini-wardrobe for her. She was lucky enough to get a spot in an amazing Charter School in the city and was required to wear uniforms to school. I bought lots of new blouses, jumpers, skirts and polos, along with the acceptable shoes and cardigan […]

Ultra Pasteurized Milk – No Fridge Needed #MilkUnleashed

My daughters are back at school now and we’re slowly getting used to the new schedules. The girls both moved up to new buildings, with new rules, so a few things have changed since last year. Last year, the girls could order milk at school for lunchtime and it was delivered to them at lunch […]

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